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World’s Biggest Rainforest Faces the Highest Surge in Deforestation in 15 Years

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Amazon Rainforest
Amazon Rainforest

According to official figures published last week, the area deforested in Brazil's Amazon (which is the biggest rainforest in the world) has reached a 15-year high, with a 22 per cent increase over the previous year. 

The probes monitoring system of the National Institute for Space Research revealed that the Brazilian Amazon lost 13, 235 square kilometers of rainforest in the 12-month period from August 2020 to July 2021. This is the highest number since 2006. The 15-year high contradicts the Bolsonaro government's recent efforts to bolster its environmental credentials, having made overtures to US President Joe Biden's administration and proceeded forward with its pledge to eliminate unlawful deforestation at this month's United Nations climate meeting in Glasgow. 

PM Bolsonaro campaigned on promises to develop the Amazon and rejected worldwide outrage over its devastation. His government has undermined environmental regulators and supported legislation to weaken land safeguards, emboldening land grabbers. He told an audience this week at a conference in the United Arab Emirates to encourage investment that assaults on Brazil for deforestation are unjust and that much of the Amazon remained clean. 

What is being done to prevent deforestation? 

This Wednesday, the EU submitted a plan to limit imports of commodities linked to deforestation." We will give total support to our MPs so that our country's autonomy can be protected," the Brazilian farm association Sociedade Rural Brasileira said in a statement. 

The statistics, according to Environment Minister Joaquim Leite, "does not reflect the Government's actions over the last six months." Brazilian Justice Minister Anderson Torres has committed to employing "absolute force" to stop the country's illicit deforestation. 

Deforestation is a serious threat especially one which is happening to the earth’s lungs hence it must be taken seriously and dealt in an immediate manner. 

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