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Sukoyaka: A Broad-spectrum Fungicide and Method to Use It

IFFCO and Mitsubishi Corporation formed a joint venture to produce Sukoyaka, a broad-spectrum fungicide.

Sonali Behera
A broad spectrum fungicide Sukoyaka, a joint venture of IFFCO and Mitsubishi Corporation.
A broad spectrum fungicide Sukoyaka, a joint venture of IFFCO and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Fungicides are chemicals that kill or prevent the growth of fungus and their spores. Fungicides function in a number of ways, but the majority of them either harm fungal cell membranes or interfere with energy generation within fungal cells.

They are a type of prevention strategy for fungal infections that may be used in an Integrated Pest Management plan. Fungicides in agricultural crops safeguard yield potential; they do not improve yield and cannot recover lost yield if administered after the infection has occurred.

Before deciding to use a fungicide, a correct disease diagnosis is required.

To mitigate the effects of fungal diseases, fungicide generally provides.

  • Proper diagnostic services as well as information on fungal disease prevention, management, and treatment.

  • Biosecurity methods to prevent the spread, eradication, and/or management of fungal infections.

Narrow-spectrum fungicides are only effective against a few diseases that are frequently closely related. These are often single sites in nature and are frequently systemic. Broad-spectrum fungicides can frequently manage a diverse variety of diseases. These are often multi-site interactions, but some are single-site contacts. Several fungicides fall between narrow and broad-spectrum categories.

As a result, farmers must prioritize fungus management. Scientists and experts propose using fungicides that can reduce production loss.

Therefore, IFFCO and Mitsubishi Corporation formed a joint venture to produce Sukoyaka with a dual mode of action to control tough fungal diseases and longer residual action. It is considered to provide a noble combination of fungicide with systemic action.

Technical Name: Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.3% SCP

Mode of Action: Fungicide with Systemic Action

Properties of using Sukoyaka:

  • Due to the dual action of Sukoyaka, it is effective in all stages of crop fungal diseases.

  • Sukoyaka shows good compatibility when used in combination with commonly used insecticides and fungicides.

  • It is a disease-preventive and protective fungicide that can be used at different stages of crops.

Features and USP of Sukoyaka:

Sukoyaka is very compatible with common pesticides and fungicides. It is a mixture of two of the most potent compounds utilized worldwide, and no resistance has been observed in India.

The toxicological profile of Sukoyaka is favourable, and it does not affect beneficial insects. Because of its systemic activity, this broad-spectrum fungicide can be used under harsh environmental circumstances.

Application and Method of Use-

Recommended Crops

Recommended Diseases

Dosage Per Acre

Waiting period (days)

Formulation (ml)

Dilution in water (Litres)


Early Blight, Late Blight





Early Blight





Yellow Rust





Sheath Blight





Purple Blotch





Fruit Rot, Powdery Mildew, Dieback





For further details visit https://www.iffcobazar.in

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