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Earn in Lakhs like this Successful Farmer Irfan Chaudhary by Cultivating Gourd from 1 acre land

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Successful gourd cultivation
Successful gourd cultivation

A 37-year-old farmer Irfan Chaudhary of Garhi Bharal village in Karnal district of Haryana has grown vegetables on 1 acre of land. He made his name among the rich farmers of the entire area earning in lakhs. Irfan cultivates gourd in his village, which gives him very good profits. Krishi Jagran has spoken to him and asked him about his secret of becoming a successful farmer.

In this article, we will inform you about the success story of Irfan Chaudhary.

How did Irfan start farming?

In Irfan’s family, ancestral farming is being done. The farmer had studied till class 10 and then started farming. He has two brothers, his wife and children, but he alone does all the work of farming. He takes help of his servants and laborers in farming. The farmer has started cultivating gourd in one acre, and now from that he is getting very good profit.

It is to be noted that gourd cultivation (lauki ki kheti) is done thrice a year. Its crop is grown in Zayed, Kharif and Rabi seasons. Farmers sow Jeth in mid-January, Kharif from mid-June to first July and Rabi in September-end and first October. It is a pumpkin crop.

Irfan’s Farming method:

Successful farmer Irfan Chaudhary cultivates gourd with advanced technology. He uses the seeds of the JK Company for its sowing, and then takes the help of the tractor in the ploughing of the field. Apart from this, he uses manure made from cow dung, uses urea and DAP. He buys this manure from the village shop itself.

Cost and profit of cultivation in 1 acre land:

Successful farmer, Irfan says that he cultivates gourd in one acre field, which costs about Rs 50000. He sells the crop produce in the vegetable markets of Delhi and Panipat where their produce is sold from Rs 30 to 40 per kg.

Thus, in this way they get the right price of yield. By extracting the cost of hard work and wages, till now they have made profit of more than about Rs 1 lakh. There is still a gourd crop in his field.

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