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Farming of 'Shankpushpi' changed the fortune of a Thar's farmer

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

There is one in a crowd of millions who are most phenomenally work and to set an example for others. Yes! Mr. Joga Ram, a farmer from Rajasthan; district Badmer Tehsil Baytu and village Barwala Madpura, belongs to an ordinary family of the village but he has done something which is different from the others. Krishi Jagran Group interacted with Mr. Joga Ram Ji and salute to him for his effort because nowadays many people are migrating from the agricultural occupation, while Mr. Joga Ram Ji with his continuous efforts still working to innovate in agriculture.

'Shankpushpi' (desert grass) is a grass that grows in Thar desert, firstly people of this reason utilized it for grazing of a camel while still, it is using as medicine. This typical grass is less affected by the weather, etc., and even in each season, it can be grown. Mr. Joga Ram Ji is one of those farmers who cultivated Shankpushpi and decided to change his fortune while earlier regional farmers who want to earn additional profit trend is now moving towards its cultivation. He has emerged as an inspiration for other farmers. Mr. Joga Ram Ji started cultivation from the year 2012 in his 50 acres of family land. Earlier, he simply cultivated crops like moong, moth, millet, guar, sesame, etc. Through a newspaper, he knew about the cultivation of medicinal plants, and then he approached to his nearby KVK for this. Time to time he had got several training for cultivation of medicinal plant which inculcated to desire of farming of 'Shankpushpi' into him. Along with 'Shankpushpi', he also started to the farming of 'Agnimath' from which within 3 years he got Rs. 2 to 3 lakh profit. Presently, with the farming of Shankpushpi Joga Ram Ji earn Rs. 60-70 thousand just from only two hectares of land.  

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