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Four Gujarati Brothers Turned Their Paan Store In to a Dairy Business Worth Rs 300 Crore

Today, the company processes 2 lakh gallons of milk per day, employs 1,500 people, 800 of them are women, and sells over 500 items.

Chintu Das
Gujarati Brothers
Gujarati Brothers

Every success stories tell us one thing: there is no such thing as a quick fix for success. You can only achieve your desired objectives via hard effort, perseverance, and goal setting for the aim. We present to you today the success tale of four brothers who turned their paan shop into a Rs 300 crore Dairy Empire

In 1987, four Bhuva brothers from Chavand village went to Amreli, Gujarat, in search of a better life. The four brothers - Dinesh, Jagdish, Bhupat, and Sanjeev - started a paan shop in the new city using the money their father had given them before they left home. In the village, their father worked as a farmer. 

The paan shop was opened close to the city bus stop on the advice of the eldest brother, Dinesh, in order to reach a larger number of consumers. In this small establishment, they even sold cold drinks. They developed their tiny paan store into a Rs 300 crore business that offers hundreds of sorts of dairy and culinary products three decades later. 

The profits from the paan store, according to the brothers, let them earn a good living and pay for their education. However, they had to deal with a few setbacks at first. The city experienced construction and beautification in 1989, which resulted in the demise of their kiosk. After that, the brothers bought a little shop near the bus station. 

They experimented with their business throughout this time. They also began serving ice cream on Janmashtami in 1993. They purchased the ice creams from a local manufacturer and sold them for a profit. The business was a success, and it cleared the door for them to open their own ice cream parlour. From 1996 forward, they learnt how to make and sell handmade ice creams. 

This resulted in an increase in their consumer base. In 1998, they changed the company's name to Shree Sheetal Industries and turned it into a sole proprietorship. The company then began extending its market by selling ice cream at local retail establishments, eventually moving to other regions of the district and state. 

However, power outages and variations were a major barrier to their operations. But then fate intervened, and Gujarat's then-chief minister, Narendra Modi, established the Gram Jyoti Yojana to provide power. 

Sheetal Cool Products Pvt Ltd was renamed Sheetal Cool Products Pvt Ltd in 2012 when the firm introduced new milk products. By 2016, the firm had extended into namkeen market areas, and the following year it was listed as a public limited company, Sheetal Cool Products Ltd. 

With 1,500 employees, including 800 women, the enterprise now processes 2 lakh gallons of milk every day. It has penetrated eight market categories and sells more than 500 items. 

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