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Harisharan Devgan: Perspective on Water Conservation and Management

Exiguity of water is an austere issue in many densely populated regions. Harisharan Devgan, an efficacious and passionate farmer believes that "Harvest the rain and reap the gain".

KJ Staff
Harisharan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan

Exiguity of water is an austere issue in many densely populated regions. Harisharan Devgan, an efficacious and passionate farmer believes that "Harvest the rain and reap the gain". Mr. Harisharan Devgan had realised the importance of ground water and it is a vital parameter for assessing the overall socio-economic development of mankind. Niche Agriculture Limited put its attention on groundwater contamination and its management that has become a need of the hour gaining significance as it has a far reaching impact on human health.  

Mr Devgan believes in " Boosting Yields, drip by drip' and therefore, he has installed drip irrigation system in all his farms by creating optimal growing conditions which boost up the yields. The drip water system strategy permits water to penetrate gradually to the roots of plants through emitters. This method permits water to be delivered specifically to the base of the plant. Drip water system preserves water and efficiently irrigates turf areas where there is water scarcity.  

By adopting Drip Irrigation technique, Niche Agriculture promotes a water saving efficient technique that will save time, money, labour and other vital resources. Moreover, it will prevent contagious illness by minimizing water contact with leaves, stems and other parts of the plants. This system will also lead to the discouragement of weed development and increases viability on uneven ground.  

He believed that skies aren't the limit for water-smart crops in dry lands, so, he looked from different angle in order to make best usage of water resources. His aim was to map the farms with greater precision and conserving the underground water table. 

Holistic approach of Mr Devgan brings a significant difference in changing the water scenario of the country by developing his own solutions for water conservation in rural agricultural belts in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. With a vision, that Conserving water is the way to secure our future, Mr. Harishan Devgan, with all his expertise and knowledge, is contributing in improving the sustainable water management to enhance the quality of crops that will fetch more returns to the farmers. Thinking Big, he has always made best use of advanced technologies and resources which outreaches to the farmers community significantly aids in reducing their drudgery and supporting them to play a pivotal role in ensuring a more sustainable future.   


Niche Agriculture is conscientious about water conservation and the rainwater harvesting techniques adopted by MrDevgan will significantly improve the social and economic conditions in the region. The top notch of rainwater harvesting is “save the water of rain and do not let it to drain” which prompted him to solve the problem of water scarcity in his farm at Bagepalli, Karnataka by digging a 40 feet deep pit in 10 acres of land which not only helped him in growing cash crops but also improved water table levels in that area. The adoption of water harvesting system by Niche Agriculture brought a lot of benefits to the surroundings. 

Niche Agriculture uses mulching as a water-saving efficient material as it retains soil moisture by reducing the process of evaporation and acts as an insulator keeping the plants roots at a constant temperature. This allows farmers to intensify and diversify their cropping systems and improve their rural incomes and strengthen farmer’s ability to withstand climate.  

India has the capacity to become the world's food basket if sustainable organic farming practices are being adopted. Niche Agriculture realized that Water Management could be a huge game changer. Over- dependence on monsoon is curbing the growth of agricultural sector in India. For sustainable agricultural growth and adoption of various water-saving technologies, Niche Agriculture had brought long-term and practical solutions for integrated water management plans to save the water situation from becoming more worse.  

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