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Harisharan Devgan - A Farmer who thought of Ferrari

Harisharan Devgan, also known as Karan Devgan, has been undisputedly India’s most enterprising agripreneur. He rose from humble beginnings to begin his journey with organic farming.

KJ Staff
Harisharan Devgan
Harisharan Devgan

Harisharan Devgan, also known as Karan Devgan, has been undisputedly India’s most enterprising agripreneur. He rose from humble beginnings to begin his journey with organic farming.

Working as a Pomegranate farmer focusing on sustainable agriculture, Harisharan Devgan had promoted organic cultivation to create India’s largest Organic farming company, Niche Agriculture Limited. Niche Agriculture was established in the year 2001 with a goal of achieving revolution in the area of agriculture by increasing quality and improvements in the field of agriculture. He had won many awards and accolades during his lifetime. A perfect amalgamation of grit and determination, Harisharan Devgan believed in his dreams and have lived for it.  

Harisharan Devgan had always conducted the business with "Ethics and Integrity". He was born in Mumbai, India and has been brought up in a Sikh Family with an army background.  

Harisharan Devgan turned his passion of organic farming into profession by establishing a successful company. His fear of failing was his biggest demon but with constant determination and trials, he won the award of "Organic Farmer of the Year" and "Entrepreneur of the Year". The company holds the ideology of "We believe in pressing and pushing our limits, but ethically". A true line fits the vision of Mr. Harisharan Devgan that, " A professional is someone who can do his best when he doesn't feel like it".  

Niche Agriculture had produced organic substances and food and operates in advancing old schooling methods with new and modernized techniques. Niche Agriculture has embarked upon developing good agricultural practices, regional crops plans, climate-resilient and water-economising technologies, animal husbandry and production of Ayurvedic herbs. Starting from small and primitive agriculture to scientific and organic farming are the milestones achieved. An embarking journey of Niche agriculture by Mr. Harisharan Devgan promises improvement in agricultural practices with great promises building and converting local biomass and animal waste of approximately 6200 Gir cows for ensuring better productivity. 

The past years of hardships and experiencing challenges in the form of major changes in rainfall patter, degraded soil health had resulted in crop failure and production. But with determination, Harisharan Devgan adopted the serious vulnerability to farming practices and grow the largest organic pomegranate. Niche Agriculture also responded by sensitization, awareness creation and knowledge transfer among the farming community and playing a pivotal role in educating farmers communities.  

Niche Agriculture in 2013 built a vision and are eager to achieve its ambitious goals of ensuring organic food and biodiversity protection. Following the principle of "Seeing is Believing" Harisharan Devgan adopted all the practices of agriculture for establishing a viable largest organic pomegranate company. Niche Agriculture standardized the models for Vermi-Compost and natural nutrition for plants giving instant benefits to the farm yard. 

Due to our philosophies and beliefs in Cannabis farming, Niche Agriculture Limited has always been in the practice of continuous research on this plant and its medicinal values but could not implement as it was considered as a contraband item in legal terms, but today there is a revolution globally to legalize the farming of this plant and India is looking very promising in making the policy in the favour of hemp cultivation and with the prior research done on hemp cultivation will allow Niche to lead the revolution of hemp cultivation and hemp-based medicines. Niche are the "Leaders" in innovation and are the solutions of optimization and are focused on automation of agricultural production processes. Niche Agriculture is motivated to tap its energy in the available opportunities with a significant growth through creating volume and having cost efficiencies.  

With his constant pushing towards the excellence and achieving of goals has turned his imaginations and dreams into reality. A visionary by birth, he had immense passion for horses and had set a benchmark of winning more than 200 horse races Pan India and he always had a flair for movies and emerged as a distributor and film producer by making a debut in film distribution in a joint venture with Panorama Studios and extending his business into Niche Racing and Niche Film Farm.  

The journey of experience and multiple cycles of failure and rejuvenation had created a revolutionary innovation in the field of Organic Farming. Mr. Harisharan Devgan had always lived with "Think big and starts small" that had led to the accomplishments of his desires. An ideal amalgamation of coarsness and assurance, Harisharan Devgan had poured his heart and soul for the success of Niche Agriculture. Starting from a scratch, he followed his ideals and beliefs and presently stand as a visionary and powerful "Farmer". 

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