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MA English Chaiwali – Once Unable To Get A Job, Now Inspires Many, Know Her Story!

Tuktuki Das, MA English Graduates, unable to get a job, later on she decided to open-up a tea shop near Habra Railway Station with a hope of turning her tea-stall into a brand someday.

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MA English Graduate - Tuktuki Das Making Tea At Her Tea Stall
MA English Graduate - Tuktuki Das Making Tea At Her Tea Stall

Nothing is impossible if you are determined to make a difference in your life. This is demonstrated by Tuktuki Das of Kolkata. Tuktuki Das tried her hardest to find a job after obtaining her Master's Degree, but she could not succeed. Therefore, she decided to open a tea shop at Habra station in North 24 Parganas. Tuktuki's tea shop is known across the city as 'MA English Chaiwali.'

About ‘MA English Chaiwali – Tuktuki Das’

Tuktuki Das is from a low-income family. Her mother owns a small grocery store and her father is a van driver. Tuktuki's parents wanted her to be a teacher, therefore she worked hard to achieve that goal. Tuktuki Das is a Rabindrabharati Open University Post-Graduate in English literature.

Tried Hard, still Unable to Find a Job

Tuktuki Das, despite her MA degree, has been unable to find a job in Kolkata's city life, where everyone is in a rush to find a means of survival. Tuktuki Das tried hard to find a job, but she was unsuccessful. Tuktuki chose to open a tea stall after failing to find work despite her qualifications.

She Got Inspired By Prafull Billore aka ‘MBA Chaiwala’

After being inspired by Prafull Billore aka 'MBA Chaiwala' on YouTube, Tuktuki Das hired a modest shop near Habra station and started her own tea stall under the title of 'MA English Chaiwali' on November 1, 2021. Tuktuki gave away free tea to many of her clients on the opening day of her tea shop as a gesture of her gratitude & Happiness.

Earlier Her Family Was Unhappy with Her Decision

Tuktuki's parents weren’t sure about the concept of selling tea. They expressed their sentiments with their educated daughter's decision to operate a Chai Counter.

Tuktuki began persuading her parents that starting her own business was not easy for her. "Initially, I was not satisfied with her decision, we educated her with the expectation that she would become a teacher, but she ended up choosing to sell tea." I paused for a moment, thinking to myself, "If this is her decision to become self-sufficient, then that's great." Said Tuktuki Das's father, Prashanto Das.

Tuktuki was always very confident of her idea to open a tea stall and now, just as her inspiration Prafull Billore aka ‘MBA Chaiwala’ did, even she hopes to expand her idea to many places & become a Successful Entrepreneur.

To know latest update about Tuktuki Das and her Tea Shop, kindly visit her instagram handle tuktuki_chaiwali.

Hope you like Tuktuki Das’s story. For more such interesting stories, keep visiting our page Krishi Jagran and check Success Stories section. We are very much sure that you’ll definitely get inspired by one of them. Have a Good Day!

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