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Terrace Gardening: Woman Earns Rs 85000 By Growing Jasmine Flowers

When the Covid 19 pandemic swept across the world, this advocate in Mangalore was busy planting jasmines on her terrace.

Abin Joseph
Kirana Devadiga ,Former Advocate
Kirana Devadiga ,Former Advocate

When the Covid 19 pandemic swept across the world, this advocate in Mangalore was busy planting jasmine's on her terrace. Kirana Devadiga an advocate from Mangalore was busy farming Jasmine flowers on her terrace. Kirana who is professionally an Advocate has always been a farmer in her heart.

So when the Pandemic put the world to a stop she didn’t waste her time but went and bought pots from the sellers on the roads and jasmine saplings and seeds from the nearby Sayyad nursery. She brought about 90 Udupi jasmine saplings, pots, and fertilizers. Rs 12,000, Kirana waited for six months to harvest a good yield. Today, she has earned over Rs 85,000 over a period of three months and expects to double her income in the coming months.

When asked about how she managed to achieve her dreams amidst staunch mockery Kirana replied with Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s quote that, “DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn’t let you sleep”. 

She also stated that no matter how much others trivialize your dreams might be in the eyes of other people if you have the will to pursue them you can surely achieve it. 

YouTube videos and nursery owners were Kirana’s prime teachers and now her husband and sisters lend a hand in all farming activities — some of her sisters have even begun cultivating jasmine themselves. With her terrace Farming techniques, Kirana is currently able to harvest 6 “atte’s” in the jasmine season. Last month she got 1250rs for one atte, one “atte” has a total of four “chendus” One chendu on average has 800 buds of jasmine woven together. 

This advocate's journey truly is an inspiration for everyone and is a reminder that it is never too late to pursue one’s dream. 

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