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8th Class Boy from Punjab Develops a Web Based App for Organic Farmers

On 13th October, a boy from Amritsar, Punjab launched his app named ‘Organic Farmers Connect’ amongst the whole farmers protest around the state and in the nation due to the Farm Bills.

Prity Barman

A boy from Amritsar, Punjab has launched an app named ‘Organic Farmers Connect’ amid the ongoing farmers protest in India due to the Farm Bills. 

This boy named Raghav Vasisht is a class 8th standard student of Wyneberg-Allen School, Mussoorie. He became a young developer by making this web or mobile app in order to help connect all the farmers and solve their various problems and also help Indian agriculture economy to strengthen more. 

According to the young developer the team at the Farmer’s app believes and accepts the fact that the sustainability of the agriculture cultivation lies in the hands of the youths and that all the requirements of the farmers must be understood first in order to help them and make their future secure. 

Raghav said that the app allows the farmers to get permit for all of their organic produces and at present it is a shared effort of more than 100 connected farmers, therefore allowing them to not just develop a network of supply demand but also sell their organic produces directly to the consumers. 

Their web address ‘www.organicfarmersconnect.com’ also provides the organic produces to be directly available at the website without being selling those on other platforms which use money for selling. 

The Organic Farmers Connect app helps the organic farmers by underpinning them so that their problems are addressed and their organic produces to be managed properly so that it reaches the consumers directly through the online platform.  

Raghav said that this idea would help other youths to make agribusiness become the most demanded career scope in the near future. 

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