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Apeel will Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for Longer

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Apeel has been developed to keep produce fresh for a longer. It is the only post-harvest solution that creates an optimal microclimate inside every piece of fruit, which leads to great quality, extended shelf life and improved transportability.  

Apeel creates a little extra peel on produce to slow the rate of water loss and oxidation — the primary causes of spoilage.  It is basically a plant-derived formula that extends the shelf life of fruit & vegetables by up to four times is set to enter the UK grocery market. 

Major UK retailers will sell their avocados treated with the so-called Apeel technology starting from September, after the substance recently gained EU regulatory approval.  The avocados will be distributed from Netherlands-based wholesaler Nature’s Pride, where the produce will also be treated with the technology. 

Apeel adds a layer of plant-derived protection to the surface of fresh produce to slow water loss and oxidation; the factors that cause spoilage. It is formed from plant material that is isolated and transformed into a water-based formula to be coated on the produce - similar to an extra layer of peel. 

Apeel is tasteless, edible and safe to eat. A variety of plant feedstocks can be used to create the formulations and the feedstock source can vary with seasonality and overall availability. Fortunately these ingredients exist in the peels, seeds, and pulp of all fruits & vegetables, in literally every bite of fruit you take.

James Rogers, CEO and founder of US-based Apeel Sciences, which developed the formula, said the technology was a “dream for small retailers” that currently faced food waste challenges.  He said, “You can’t see it, taste it or feel it. But it adds two, three or four times the shelf life. The UK market is fully developed and looking for a solution. The distribution opportunity is massive for suppliers”.

US retailers such as Costco and Kroger have reported 50 percent less food waste with avocados alone, said Apeel Sciences. 

Effective at reducing the rate of spoilage for dozens of USDA Certified Organic and conventional produce categories, from avocados to strawberries. The company works with partners ranging from smallholder farmers and local, organic growers to the world’s largest food brands and retailers to provide great-tasting and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables. 

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