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Belarus Booze Ingredients Could Benefit Indian Farmers

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Belarus is known as the world’s second booziest nation. In 2014, it topped the World Health Organization’s report on alcohol consumption. According to the WHO, an average Belarusian drinks about 17.5 litres of alcohol per year and the median global consumption hovers around 6.5 litres.

Considering India as huge market of Alcohol, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) had organized the Tasting Session. The Session introduced the Belarusian company “Aromatik”, a producer of alcohol concentrates. The Session  included the tasting of wide varieties of alcohol (Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, Vodka and Mojito).

Krishi Jagran in view of Farmers interest of sale of potatoes, Barley, Grapes and  wheat for manufacture of Vodka, Beer, Wine and Whisky interacted with Ms Marina Naseko, Head of Export Development Department to Indian Market and Mr Andrei Misyura, Trade/Investment Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Belarus.

The tasting session was attended by the  Bira Beer manufacturers, Smoke Whisky, Sula Wine and from the elite members of the society to judge the taste of Belarus.

The oldest Belarusian alcoholic beverages were based on honey and beer. The technology of making drinkable honey from usual bee honey is similar to beer brewing, while many recipes included hop.

Grapes were grown only on small vineyards of wealthy estates, therefore wine drinking was not common and wine was used only in church rituals. Imported European wines were a luxury that only the nobility could afford. The most common drinks served in the houses of Belarusian gentry were liqueurs, nastoikas and nalivkas (sweet and strong alcoholic beverages based on vodka and enhanced with herbs, berries, honey, spices and sugar).

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