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Big News! 1.20 Lakh Farmers’ Name Rejected From PM Kisan List; Never Do this to Avail Any Govt Scheme

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

The central government’s ambitious Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme has recently withdrawn money from farmer’s accounts who have wrongly availed the benefit. According to a report of the Ministry of Agriculture, the government has withdrawn the money from the accounts of 1, 19,743 beneficiaries under this scheme. As per reports, some people have started fudging to get the benefit of Rs 6000 annually under the PM Kisan. Modi government had strictly warned those who try to avail the benefit in the wrong way. Moreover, the government and agriculture department has become tough on those who have done so. The government has recently withdrawn money from 1, 19,743 such people as the records given to the names of the beneficiaries and their bank accounts were not matching.

The government is trying to make the scheme and the money reach the right farmers. You need to keep in mind these points to avail of all the benefits of PM Kisan.

Why Installment was Withdraw from 1.20 Lakh Farmers?

Difference between Farmer’s Name and Bank Account Holder Name

As per sources, a difference was found between the bank account and the name of the owner of the farm.  Sources in the Agriculture Ministry said that without verification money was deposited in these accounts.

Mistakes in Account No, Holder Name and Address

The amount of this scheme is not going directly from the central government account to the bank account of the farmers. The central government spends money on the accounts of the states, and then the money reaches the farmers from that account. Sources say that even before verification, 1.19 Lakh bank accounts had been deposited with an installment of Rs 2000. But when the verification of the data started, the mistake started catching up. The government is trying to make the scheme to reach the right farmers. Moreover, if you are not a farmer by profession and taking advantage of this scheme by setting the wrong way then you will have to return the money and strictly prohibited by the government rules.

What’s the Clarification of Government Regarding PM Kisan?

The Union Ministry of Agriculture had already written a letter to the states and said that if ineligible people get information about benefits, then their money will be refunded.

They make it clear that if money is transferred to the accounts of ineligible people, it will be withdrawn from Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT). Banks will put this money in a separate account and return it to the state government. State governments will withdraw money from the ineligible and deposit it in https://bharatkosh.gov.in/. The names of such people will be removed before the next installment is released.

Who will get it and who will not get the benefit?

The Modi government may have implemented the PM-Kisan scheme for all farmers, but conditions have been imposed for some. If the people for whom the condition is applicable are taking advantage of it wrongly, then it will be known in the Aadhar verification. All 14.5 crore farmer families are eligible for this. Spouses and children up to the age of 18 years will be considered as one unit. Those whose names will be found in the land record till 1 February 2019 will be entitled to it.

One of the most important schemes

This is the most important plan made for the development of farming. The Modi government made its formal debut in its first term on 24 February 2019 from Gorakhpur-UP. Under this, now the fourth installment (the first installment of the second phase) has also started to be known. The fourth installment also reached the bank account of 2,73,00277 farmers of the country. Whereas till now 8,46,14,987 farmers have benefited from this scheme.

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