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Cotton Growing Areas Adversely Affected in Haryana due to Waterlogging & White Fly Attack

Abhijeet Banerjee
Abhijeet Banerjee
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Following waterlogged conditions across districts of Hissar, Fatehabad, Jind and Bhiwani districts, nearly 50000 acres have been adversely affected in Haryana. Cotton crop on nearly 50,000 acres in the state is destroyed due to waterlogging after the recent rains. Official reports and assessments from farmers indicate that cotton, grown over nearly 10,000 acres has been destroyed completely. 

Apart from damage due to August rains, cotton growers in the above-mentioned districts are also worried from the Whitefly attacks on cotton crop. The state of Haryana received good rains in the beginning of August, especially in villages of Hisar’s Barwala, Fatehabad’s Bhuna and Bhiwani’s Tosham and Siwani blocks. Rains as well as prevailing hot and humid weather conditions has resulted in pest infestation in recent weeks.  

Cotton in Haryana is being cultivated in about 7.36 lakh hectares in 14 districts across the state during Kharif-2020 and as per reports cotton cultivation is progressing rapidly in districts of Sirsa, Hisar, Fatehabad, Jind and Bhiwani, with cropped area so far reaching 2.10 lakh hectares, 1.47 lakh hectares, 0.72 lakh hectares, 0.70 lakh hectares and 0.88 lakh hectares, respectively. Former chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda has demanded a compensation of at least Rs 30,000 per acre to the cotton growers, who are suffering from the wilting and white fly disease. 

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The whitefly was first reported in Greece 125 years ago. It became a major pest on cotton in India only after 1984. Whitefly is a small white insect of 1.0 mm length. It feeds on more than 500 plant species and transmits a range of viral diseases in plants. Whiteflies suck sap from under surface of leaves causes yellowing and upward curling of the leaves.  Haryana has recorded a significant increase in cotton production, in last few decades as per government data available. It is the fifth largest cotton producing states in India. 

The top 10 cotton producing states in India (decreasing order) are:  

  1. Gujarat

  2. Maharashtra

  3. AP and Telangana

  4. Karnataka

  5. Haryana

  6. MP

  7. Rajasthan

  8. Punjab

  9. Tamil Nadu

  10. Orissa 

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