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Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh bags project worth Rs 20 lakhs from Uttar Pradesh Council of Agricultural Research

Hitul Awasthi
Hitul Awasthi

The UP Council of Agricultural Research sanctioned the project worth INR 20 lakhs, entitled “Development of fuzzy logic based automated micro-irrigation system powered by phyllotaxy pattern solar tree for agricultural and horticultural crops”, for period of three years.

Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, IIIT, Prayagraj will handle the project as Principal Investigator (PI); along with Dr. Sudhakar Pandey, Principal Scientist, Indian Council of Agriculture Research, Varanasi as CO-PI.

Solar irradiance is considered as one of the most important alternative sources of energy, as it can be harnessed in the form of electrical power using photovoltaic panels. Optimum conversion can be obtained by using Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT), which involves continuously adjusting the angle of panels according to the change in the angle of falling irradiance. The inspiration behind arranging the panels are drawn from the natural trees where the branches and the leaves follow a particular pattern called phyllotaxy.

Benefits of the Project –

  • Conservation of water –

In India, around 80% of the fresh water available for human consumption is used in agriculture sector. This solar tree based micro-irrigation systems will help farmers in making optimum use of water resources and will prevent the loss of water.

  • Economy of space utilization –

Solar panel based pumps occupy huge space, due to which small farmers are unable to utilize them. But, this new technology of solar tree based micro-irrigation will help farmers in attaining the economy of space and improve efficiency of the system.

  • Use of precision agriculture for optimum resource utilization –

Moisture sensors will be installed at the corners of the farming land that will sense the moisture level in land and will adjust the function of the motor accordingly.

  • Prevention of percolation losses –

The water moving beyond the rooting area of the plant is just the wastage of resource. To avoid it, special sensors will be fitted that will automatically cut-off the motor, once moisture level exceeds.

  • Extra income for farmers –

During seasons, when there is no need of irrigation in the fields, the excess energy generated by these solar trees can be utilised in alternative activated or sold to government for earning extra income.

Conclusion –

Solar tree based micro irrigation system is an innovative step towards doubling of farming income. It improves the efficiency of resource utilization and provides additional income to the farmers.

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