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During Expo Zebu, ABCZ Enters into Guinness Book with Record Preparation of Zebuiada

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The Brazilian Association of Breeders of Zebu entered the Guinness Book, the Book of Records with a preparation of a total of 4,778 kilos of meat of Zebu, in a single panela. The feat was won the last day of the Zebu Expo in 'Zebu for All' event where Zebuiada was prepared. The production of the recipe, which also includes vegetables and special seasonings, closed the 85th edition of Expo Zebu, marked by great celebrations and events due to the 100 years of the ABCZ. 

The pot weighing more than 1,300 kilograms, the 'super panela' used in recipe preparation was custom-made in a metallurgical industry. With more than 3.5 m in diameter and 1 m in height, the panela has a capacity of 9.6 thousand liters. 

The recipe was prepared live at the Fernando Costa Park Multipurpose Pavilion. All preparation was closely monitored by the adjudicator of the Guinness Book, Raquel Assis. "It was necessary that most of the ingredients were meat and gravy and the consistency could not be like soup. They followed all the proportions that are made in a regular stew and beat the record.  

For the President of the ABCZ, Arnaldo Manuel de Souza Machado Borges, the conquest is merit of the whole entity. "It was wonderful to get this record and close the 85th ExpoZebu in such a special way, recognizing the dedication and the work of everyone so that this party could happen," said the President. 

The work was huge, imagine you make a stew in your house for four people and here we made it to ten thousand, "explains the Chief Allan Vila, responsible for the revenue that was based and hard cushion. To ensure the success of the project, the preparation began at dawn. "We started preparations at midnight. At 2 o'clock I lit the fire and from there we stopped no more.  

The organizer of the event, Cristiano Botelho, also commented on the preparation process. "Everything was very difficult, since the pre-preparation, how to season that amount of meat and put the vegetables. In order to mix everything together, it took a lot of physical strength. I was really anxious, but in the end everything worked out! ", He celebrates, revealing that around 20 chefs from all over the country helped prepare. 

It is worth remembering that the previous world record was 4,770 kilograms and had been registered in the United Arab Emirates in December last year. 

The money raised from the event will be donated to the Cancer Combat group (Vencer) and to the Organization of Friends of Children and Health (Oasis), both from Uberaba (MG), and the Hospital de Amor de Barretos (SP). The attendant Rosângela Maria dos Santos liked the initiative. "The dish is tasty and the cool thing is to know that the amount raised will help those entities that need a lot," he points out. 

Zebu do Bem. After approval in Guinness, part of Zebiuada was donated to more than 30 institutions of Uberaba. Then the public could consume the dish by buying a ticket worth R $ 5 plus a liter of milk. About 10 thousand tickets were sold. 

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