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Farmers to Get 50% Subsidy for Growing Horticulture Crops; Check Details

Horticulture Scheme 2021: To promote horticulture crops, the government is giving 50 percent subsidy of the cost to the farmers. Know everything about it.

Ayushi Raina
Different flower plants
Different flower plants

Considering the declining income from conventional farming and the rising risks to farmers, the government is now encouraging individuals to focus on horticulture crops. Farmers, on the other hand, will only be ready for this if they are encouraged.

As a result, the Haryana government has begun providing farmers with a 50 percent subsidy per hectare for the establishment of new orchards. So that farmers may increase their profits by embracing horticulture. A farmer can get a grant for up to ten acres of orchard land.

According to a state government official, farmers would be paid Rs.11500 per acre for establishing guava orchards, Rs.12000 for lemon orchards, and Rs.15000 for amla orchards. That is, farmers would be able to receive financial support of up to Rs.115000 for growing guava orchards, Rs.120000 for lemon orchards, and Rs.150000 for gooseberry gardens.

The government will also assist with the production of sapota, which is high in vitamins A and B, antioxidants, and fiber. A grant of Rs.9080 per acre would be provided for this purpose. That is, the assistance of up to Rs.90800 can be obtained. According to the government, one acre of Chiku cultivation will cost Rs.8160. To take benefit, submit an online application through the Haryana Horticulture Portal.

Mango orchards, on the other hand, cost Rs.10200 per acre. A grant of 50% i.e. Rs.5100 per acre, would be provided. The grant area will be limited to 10 acres.

That is, each farmer would receive a maximum of Rs.51000 in financial support.

Farmers willing to take benefit of the scheme should contact the District Horticulture Office with their land papers, bank copy, and Aadhar cardFarmers who established guava, gooseberry, and lemon orchards in the fiscal year 2021 in accordance with the regulations of the Integrated Horticulture Development Mission can also apply for the grant amount.

Interested farmers can also apply online at the Haryana Government's Horticulture Portal. Applicants must additionally register their land and crops on the Meri Fasal Mera Byora Portal. The applicant must also provide information about his property. Bank information, including total area, must also be provided.

Procedure for Online Registration

• For fresh registration, go to 'Farmer Registration.'

• By clicking on the registration form, you will be sent to the personal details page.

• Save it, then select your item and press the Update button.

• Then, go to the plan panel, SELECT the scheme.

• After clicking on apply, fill out the form with your details.

• Update and save the documents

Damage Protection Insurance

The government is running a horticulture insurance plan to compensate for crop losses in horticulture. This scheme has the potential to reduce crop costs by relieving farmers of the danger of natural disasters affecting vegetables, fruits, and spices.

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