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Farmers worried as Vegetable Prices Go Down

Prity Barman
Prity Barman
Vegetable Market
Vegetable Market

The declining vegetable prices have left farmers angry. After paying for higher transport costs, there is no profit margin for them. 

The prices of vegetables have gone down which has given some relief to people but has made farmers worried. After paying high transport costs, there is no profit margin for them. The prices of all vegetables have plummeted. The dropping vegetable retail prices have left the middle class happy. 

Tomatoes were sold at a price of Rs 20/kg. Nuts, capsicum and carrots at Rs 30 per kg. Cauliflower and cabbage rates are around Rs 10. These are perishable vegetables. 

Kamal Dey, president of the state's Vendors' Association said, 'Farmers cannot hold them back for a better deal. Distress sales are made to dealers, because of the record diesel price, and to those who pay very high shipping costs. Farmers barely make profits at all. Any small farmers are unable to even recover their cost of input.' 

One of the larger sellers at Gariahat Market, Sambhu Parui, said, 'Tomato production is so high this year that even green tomatoes are finding their way to the market in large quantities since the storage is full.'  

'I was furious at the spiralling costs and had begun to buy a little amounts. I also spoke about the need for business controls following the Keynesian model to be brought in. I am glad to see the downward curve in vegetable prices and the growth in production,' said Soumendro Bagchi, a retired economics professor. 

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