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A Scientist with 26 varieties of Native Tomato; Check them here online

Aiswarya R Nair
Aiswarya R Nair

Dr Prabhakar Rao’s family-owned two and a half-acre garden is a safe haven for farmers and gardeners alike. It is called Aditi Farms. It nourishes life like Aditi, mother of the gods.

He collected more than 560 seeds from around the world, of which he found more than 146 seeds that fit the soil. He was asked whether the encouragement of artificial bangles would adversely affect the agricultural future of the world, despite being part of the Green Revolution scientist's brigade. He holds a PhD in Plant Genetics, studied architecture and turned his profession into a sustainable life promotion.

As a trustee of the Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Trust, he promotes natural farming and kitchen gardening. At Aditi Farm, he teaches garden lovers to become seed-keepers or seed-keepers.

He has a wide collection of folk seeds from all over the world, including 26 varieties of tomatoes, 12 varieties of eggplant and five varieties of lady’s finger.

Get to know his tomato varieties here:

  1. Tomatillo-scaled
  2. Tomato-Mount-Vesuvius
  3. Bumble-Bee-Tomato
  4. Chocolate-cherry-beauty-tomato
  5. Cream-Pear-Tomato-scaled
  6. Cream-Sausage
  7. Green-pear-tomato-scaled
  8. Green-Sausage
  9. Hilly-Billy-Tomato
  10. Indigo-cream-berry-tomato
  11. Indigo-purple-tomato
  12. Kumquat-tomato
  13. Large-Barred-Boar-Tomato
  14. Pineapple-Pig-Tomato
  15. Red Plum Tomato
  16. Red-Cherry- Tomato
  17. Tomato-Brandy-Wine
  18. Tomato-Desi-Magadi
  19. Tomato-Indigo
  20. Tomato-OX-HEART
  21. Tomato-Plum-Tigris
  22. Ukrainian-Tomato
  23. White-Beauty-Tomato-Scaled
  24. White-Cherry-Tomato
  25. Yellow-Pear-Scaled
  26. Yellow-Plum-Tomato-Scaled

His traditional seed collection is available through the website and all the people who have taken the seeds from him.


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