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FSSAI Seizes 21 Kg of Banned Tobacco in Tamil Nadu’s Trippur District

Food safety officials cracked down on shops selling tobacco products.

Shivani Meena
Shops selling banned Tobacco
Shops selling banned Tobacco

On Friday, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) officials seized about 21 kg of banned tobacco products from several businesses near Avinashi in Tiruppur district. 

According to a release, FSSAI's Designated Officer B. Vijayalalithambigai headed the team that inspected the shops on Puliampatti Road in Cheyur on Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The packets containing banned tobacco products were seized from two kiosks, a mobile phone repair shop, and storage areas. Following this, FSSAI authorities fined 4 people Rs 5,000 each for allegedly storing prohibited tobacco products in contravention of the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, according to the release. 

Vijayalalithambigai said on Saturday that the FSSAI has increased its supervision of the sale of banned tobacco products in Tiruppur district and that any food business operator caught with them would face an 'emergency prohibition order' under the Food Safety and Standards Act. 

"Recently, we've noticed a drop in the sale of these banned tobacco products across the district," she said. During regular police and FSSAI inspections, shops were seen buying these tobacco products in small quantities from neighboring states and not stockpiling big quantities in godowns, she added. 

Meanwhile, the food safety department has advised residents, particularly those in remote regions, to obtain a complete history of prospective tenants while renting their homes. "Some people rent out their homes to stock banned tobacco products." "We just came across such a case in Palladam," Vijayalalithambigai said. 

More About FSSAI: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous organization that works under the Central government. The FSSAI was founded under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006, which is a consolidated statute in India governing food safety and regulation. The FSSAI is in charge of safeguarding and promoting public health through food safety oversight and regulation. 

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