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Get 50% Subsidy for Constructing Greenhouse & Shade Net House; Know How

M Kanika
M Kanika
Green House & Shade Net House
Green House & Shade Net House

To promote protected farming in India, farmers are being encouraged by the government to use poly houses and shade net house techniques for farming. Protected farming prevents crops from damage due to the natural calamity and weather uncertainties thus boosting productivity. 

Poly house & Shade net house techniques are becoming very popular amongst the farmers. But small farmers are not able to use this technology in farming due to weak economic conditions. Keeping this in mind, the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture was launched by the government. Under this, financial support is provided to the farmers for poly houses & Shade net houses.

In this sequence, applications have been sought from farmers of selected districts of Madhya Pradesh for a greenhouse, shade net house, plastic mulching, packhouse & high-density drip less cultivation of pomegranate and lemon on subsidy to farmers under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture in Madhya Pradesh. Interested farmers can apply for these components as per their requirements.

Subsidy on Green House & Net Shade House 

Up to 50% subsidy is given by the government for the construction of Green House & Shade net House. Apart from this, 20% additional subsidy is given to small, marginal, scheduled caste & scheduled tribe farmers i.e. 80% subsidy is payable to them. The provision of subsidy is decided by each state government differently.

Who can apply for Subsidy?

Right now the Horticulture Department of the state has issued targets for Budni & Nasrullaganj development blocks of Sehore district for the components given under the Integrated Horticulture Mission Scheme. The general, scheduled caste & scheduled tribe farmers of these two development blocks can take advantage of the scheme.

Target set by State Government for the Scheme

Targets for Budni & Nasrullaganj are as follows:

  • Green House Target - The physical target for this is 13,840 sqm while the financial target is 58.40 lakhs.

  • Shade net House Target- The physical target for this is 96,000 sqm while the financial target is 340.80 lakhs.

  • Plastic Mulching Target – The physical target for this is 200 hectares while the financial target is 32.00 lakhs.

  • Pack House Target- Physical target for this is 12.00 units while the financial target is 20.00 lakhs.

  • Fruit Area Expansion Pomegranate High-Density Dripless - The physical target for this is 12,500 sqm while the financial target is 3.00 lakh.

  • Lime High-Density Dripless - The physical target for this is 2.90 hectares while the financial target is 0.70 lakhs.

How to Apply

  • Farmers can apply online under the Integrated Horticulture Scheme, applications have been started from 6th September 2021 at 11 am and applications will be taken till the target is not met.

  • In respect of the given targets, applications can be made up to 10% more than the allotted target to the districts.

  • To apply, farmers in Madhya Pradesh can register by visiting Horticulture Department, Madhya Pradesh Farmers Subsidy Tracking System via:  https://mpfsts.mp.gov.in/mphd/#/ 

Documents Required for Applying  

The following documents are required from the farmers to apply for the benefits of the subsidy of Green House & Net Shade.

  • Land ownership certificate of the farmer.

  • Permanent Resident Certificate.

  • Documents of the means of irrigation with beneficiary

  • Aadhar Card & Aadhar Link Mobile Number

  • Copy of bank passbook

  • Passport size photograph of the applicant

  • Map of the area or farm where the Poly house/ Greenhouse/ Shade net house structure is to be constructed.

  • Soil & Water test report

  • Certificate of Minor, Marginal, Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe, if applicable.

For more information visit https://mpfsts.mp.gov.in/mphd/#/ 

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