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Good News! An Exclusive Marriage Bureau for Farmers Opened in Telangana

Marriage in India has always been of huge importance event to an extent where instead of marriage brokers now we even have various marriage websites as well as bureaus. Ranging from caste to communities every kind of marriage proposal is now easily available. For the first time ever in the history, a farmer’s marriage bureau has been formed in order to help the farmers to find their brides exclusively in the state of Telangana.

Prity Barman

Marriages in India have always been an important event. Besides, marriage brokers nowadays we have various marriage websites as well as bureaus. Ranging from caste to communities every kind of marriage proposals is now easily available. For the first time ever in the history, farmer’s marriage bureau has been formed in order to help them find their brides in the state of Telangana. 

This marriage bureau has been set up by Kethireddy Anji Reddy, a farmer himself. He has named the bureau as ‘Rythu Marriage Bureau’. Now the most important question that comes in our mind is that what was the need of finding a separate marriage bureau for farmers? 

The main reason to set up this particular marriage bureau for the farmers of Telangana was that the farmers have been facing a lot of difficulties in finding their better halve as most people didn’t want to accept a farmer as their son-in-law, neglecting the fact that they are the one who work so hard to place food in our tables. 

Kethireddy Anji Reddy is an RSS activist from early childhood and for the past one year he has been staying away from the BJP.  He was moved by this thought so much that he formed ‘Rythu Marriage Bureau’ to help look for brides for the farmers of his State. The marriage bureau is located in Thimmapur and was inaugurated on the 29th of October. The office had already been flooded with 5,000 inquires including 60 women who inquired about suitable farmers for marriage proposals. This all happened within 4 days of opening; all the registrations were made on call.  

On speaking to the ‘Telangana Today’ Reddy told about the incident which made him come up with this idea. He said that there are various marriage bureaus in the entire state serving all kinds of castes, religions and communities and in all those bureaus keep looking for government job employees or civil engineers or businessmen but nobody wanted to think even about the farmers. 

He once came to know about a farmer with only 3 acres of land, who denied to give his daughter to a farmer who owned 15 acres of land. This particular incident totally shook Reddy and therefore he decided to help his fellow farmers to find brides without facing anymore heartbreaks. 

According to Reddy, the marriage bureau has been getting positive response from not just the state of Telangana but also from other neighbouring states too like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The best thing about the marriage bureau is that it does not take any kind of extra money in the name of commission from both the party, except Rs 500 which he uses for office maintenance. The poor farmers even don’t have the need to pay that Rs 500. The entire process becomes free for them. 

In order to contact the marriage bureau farmers have to just call on the given numbers: 9885075951, 8639579606. 

Reddy says that the bureau is just there to provide the grooms and brides the addresses of the significant person. This is another way to help the farmers continue their passion of farming to grow and also rebuild the farmers family as well in India. 

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