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Good News! Farmers to Get Exotic Vegetable Saplings for Just Rs. 1 and Hybrid Varieties for 30 paisa

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Thousands of foreign tourists come to visit Gaya district of bihar every year which is considered as a historical Buddhist city. During this visit tourist are served with Indian dishes and exotic green vegetables. During this period the local shopkeepers face many difficulties because they have to manage green vegetables which are grown on foreign soil. Common people these days are also very fond of the vegetables grown on foreign soil and their demand is also increasing day by day. Most of the farmers are asking for these exotic varieties of vegetable plants online. In such a situation, the Agriculture Department of Bihar has formulated a scheme that will promote the cultivation of exotic vegetables and hybrid green vegetables. 

How are farmers getting benefits? 

Farmers are going to get a lot of benefit from the scheme initiated by the Agriculture Department. Generally an exotic vegetable sapling is available for about Rs. 10, but now farmers will be given it for just Rs. 1. Besides this, hybrid varieties will be given for just 30 paisa. The best thing is that the cultivation of these plants will be done in the district itself. Agriculture Minister Dr. Prem Kumar is preparing a fast plan on the cultivation of foreign and hybrid varieties of vegetables. 

Subsidy on plants 

The government is additionally providing 90 percent subsidy on these plants. The cost of 1 hybrid vegetable plant is Rs. 3. However, the government is providing saplings to farmers for just 30 paisa. 

Farmers can apply online 

If a farmer wants to get saplings for a maximum of one acre of land, he can apply online by visiting the website of horticulture department of the district.  The farmers who are cultivating vegetables on a lease land will also get saplings on government subsidy. 

How much saplings will be distributed ? 

For foreign vegetables, 8000 saplings will be distributed in Gaya. 

A target has been made to distribute 4000 saplings in Aurangabad, Jehanabad, Nawada and Arwal. 

A total of 24000 saplings will be distributed within Magadha division. 

1 lakh 60000 plants of cucumber, brinjal and cucurbits are going to be distributed without seed of hybrid strain. 

Every district in Aurangabad, Nawada, Jehanabad and Arwal will get 80000 saplings. 

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