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Good News! Government Offers Huge Subsidy on Wheat Storehouses for Proper Storage of Grain

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

To fulfil Modi’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2022, the central government has come up with many resolutions on storage and subsidy scheme. Recently, the state government of Uttar Pradesh decided to give subsidy on the storehouse of wheat for the proper storage of wheat. Farmers have also completed the sowing of Rabi from the last week of October to November 15. Rabi crop which includes hard wheat, indigenous gram, linseed and mustard, grains, pulses and oilseeds etc. requires low temperature at the time of sowing while dry and hot environment at the time of ripening. On the other hand, all these crops have the capacity to grow in less water. 

Harvesting of Rabi Crops Goes with Full Swing 

If these crops are of indigenous species, then the ability to tolerate drought is greater than any other normal crops. Along with this, all these crops are also helpful for the supply of food grains to the farmer. Due to the variety of crops, the farmers also have to bear the risk while the possibility of risk is reduced in terms of Rabi crops. Rabi harvesting takes place from the last week of February to the last week of March. After harvesting the crop, these crops required to dry well. 

Moreover, except for the wheat crop, no crop can be harvested from the thresher. For example, if you talk about gram, if gram is used by a thresher, then gram will burst. Similarly, flaxseed will fly with straw and it will harm the farmer. 

This is the reason that the harvesting of crops other than wheat is not done with thresher. The other side of hand mashing is that the hand-husked straw is softer than the thresher, which the animals eat with great fervor. After frying, we stir it by hand and separate the straw and grains. 

UP Govt to Give Subsidy on Store Houses of Wheat (Bakhari Houses) 

After the harvesting, the farmers repair their storehouses (Bakhari houses). This is the reason why the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to give subsidy to the farmers. Under this subsidy scheme, farmers of every class and category of all districts of the state are being benefited for seed rearing. On the other hand, the small and marginal farmers including Scheduled Castes and Tribes (SC/ST) and women farmers along with other workers will get 50 per cent subsidy on their storehouses and a maximum of Rs. 1500 per storehouse. 

For more information log into the official website of Uttar Pradesh government. 

Click Here (http://www.upagripardarshi.gov.in/) 

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