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Government has made no arrangement for Crop Irrigation: Farmers in Bihar

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Crop Irrigation: Farmers in Bihar

Wheat farmers in the Munger city, Bihar are concerned about crop irrigation. The water stored in the pits along the puddle and railway lines located is finished after one irrigation. 

Now, farmers are finding it difficult to arrange water for the irrigation of their crops. Farmers have pleaded from the Center to the Minister of the state, but still the problem is not solved.  

Totally Dependent on Rain  

The farmers are saying that no arrangement has been made by the government for irrigation in the area. In view of the water stored in the puddle and the pit, farmers have cultivated wheat in several acres of land. Even after the one irrigation in the field, water has dried, and farmers are really worried about the next irrigation of the wheat. Farmers are tensed that, if there won’t be the rain, they will not be able to bear the expenditure cost.  

Diesel Pump Irrigation is Expensive 

Farmer Ranveer Yadav said that poor farmers cannot afford borewell and thus they face too much trouble. As the water in the puddle has dried, now farmers will not be able to get patching. Farmer Yudhishthir Sharma said that he has cultivated wheat in five bighas, and now to save the crops from being dried, they have dig borewell. If he will not do so, then even the expenditure cost will not come out from the sale.  

Moreover diesel pump irrigation is very much expensive. Farmers Pankaj Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar, Chunna Mandal, etc. said that they are unable to plant cash crops just because of the lack of irrigation arrangements by the government. Day by day, farming is becoming expensive.  

Big Issue for Economically Weak Farmers 

Economically weak farmers are not able to plant all-weather crops on their farms.   

If the government will not do anything for this problem and will not provide water facilities for irrigation then farmers will not have any other choice than to give up on their livelihood and go for daily-wage work. 

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