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Haryana Government will give Rs. 2000 to Farmers for not Cultivating Paddy

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Paddy is considered one of the vital crops for the farmers in the country. Currently farmers from all over the country have begun preparations for sowing of paddy. But the farmers of Kalawan Panchayat of Charkhi Dadri district of Haryana have vowed not to sow paddy because it consumes lots of water. And due to water crisis at this time, almost half of Haryana is in the dark zone hence to overcome this, it has been decided not to cultivate paddy in 100,000 hectares. It takes at least 5000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of rice in paddy cultivation. The data given by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations says that about 90 percent of water in India is used in farming and Haryana's name comes in the top 10 list in paddy cultivation.

The data of the Central Ground Water Board shows that 9 districts are included in the dark zone because the ground water level of Haryana is expected to reach 300 meters. The ground water level has dropped very rapidly to 76 percent. In such a situation, Haryana's decision not to cultivate paddy can prove effective in handling water crisis and CM Manohar Lal Khattar has also praised this decision. 

Benefit of quitting paddy cultivation

A working group has been formed under the crop diversification scheme in the state. The main task of this group is to increase the incentive amount to those farmers who are sowing other crops except paddy. At present, farmers are given incentive of Rs. 2000 per acre for leaving paddy cultivation and growing crops which consume less water. 

These areas will get benefit of the scheme 

This scheme will be implemented in 7 blocks of 7 districts in the state. 

  • Yamuna Nagar. 

  • Gannaur of Sonepat. 

  • Karnal node. 

  • Thanesar of Kurukshetra. 

  • Ambala-1 area of Ambala. 

  • Pundari of Kaithal. 

  • Narwana block of Jind. 

How will Farmers be motivated ? 

  • The farmers will be provided seeds for free. 

  • In these 7 blocks, after sowing other crops instead of paddy, farmers will be registered on the portal of the Department of Agriculture. 

  • Its price is kept from 1200 to 2000 rupees per acre. 

  • Financial assistance of Rs. 2000 per acre will be provided. 

  • This amount will be given in 2 phases. 

  • 200 rupees will be given at the time of registration on the portal. 

  • The remaining 1800 rupees will be given after verifying the sowing of the crop. 

  • This amount will be added to the bank accounts of the farmers. 

  • Instead of paddy, corn and tur will come under crop insurance. 

  • The Haryana government will also pay a premium at the rate of Rs 766 per hectare. 

  • After the preparation of the crop, Hafed, Food and Supplies Department will buy the produce at the rate of minimum support price. 

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