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IFFCO Kisan Will Soon Market Swarnahar Spices

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The IFFCO Kisan has been actively engaged in the development of farmers. So far, IFFCO Kisan has shown progress by providing advanced agricultural advice to farmers through green SIM. The main objective of IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited is to empower the villagers in sustainable and feasible ways by providing appropriate information for timely action. More than 50 lakh farmers are benefiting from agricultural advice all over the country.

IFFCO Kisan is collaborating with farmers through FPO and co-operative and empowering them. Recently, IFFCO farmer has made available high quality animal feed under 5 stars and 4 star brands for cattle buyers. These are currently available in Punjab, Himachal and Haryana. Soon these 5 star and 4 star animal feeds will also be available in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The company is helping farmers to produce good market prices by linking them with farmer producing groups formed by the farmer.

With the objective of enabling and empowering the farmers, it is working with the farmer cooperatives and FPOs. Recently, the IFFCO Kisan has taken one more step to fulfill this objective. On 5th August, IFFCO Farmer's Managing Director Mr. Sandeep Malhotra and Mr. P. Kandaraja ji, Managing Director, Arora APCMS (Agriculture Producer Co-operative Marketing Society) Tamil Nadu signed a MoU to provide spice products in the name of "Swarnahar".

Naveen Chaudhary, Chief Marketing Officer of IFFCO KISAN aid that spices are cultivated in about 32 lakh hectare area of ​​the total agricultural area in the country. Spices play an important role in better taste of food. But today, in this era of adulteration, the taste of food is getting worse due to the combination of quality and purity. For this reason, IFFCO Farmer signed a MoU with Agriculture Producer Co-operative Marketing Society Arod. With this the co-operative and FPO affiliates will get fair price of the spices produced by them and adjustment of high quality spices in their kitchen. Keeping all these facts in mind, now the IFFCO farmers will work to bring the high quality spices to their consumers from the fields to the kitchen.

At the beginning, turmeric, chilli, vegetable masala, sambhar masala, garam masala, chicken masala, mutton masala and rasam powder etc. will be available.

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