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J&K Farmers To Benefit From Freshly Built Canals Under AIBP Scheme

Farmers of Rajouri benefit from newly constructed canals under AIBP scheme.

Chintu Das
Irrigation Canal
Irrigation Canal

In the Thanamandi region of Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the Department of Flood Control and Irrigation supplied impoverished farmers with irrigation infrastructure via the "Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP)" scheme.

According to J. P. Singh, Superintending Engineer Hydraulic Circle-Rajouri, of the AIBP, new canals for irrigation water supply have been built, and various old canals have been repaired, which will now solve the water supply issue of the locals in Thanamandi, Dharal, and Nowshera areas of the Rajouri district.

"Under the AIBP plan, we have been implementing several schemes for the welfare of the people," he told ANI. Even if there are a few concerns with one or two of the program's schemes that have been raised with the government, we have been able to work for the residents' advantage."

Farmers used to lose a lot of money owing to a lack of water for irrigation in the villages, according to Singh. "However, with the building and restoration of canals, we are extremely confident that we will not experience similar challenges in the future," a local farmer told ANI.

About Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP)

In 1996-97, the Government of India launched the Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP) to provide Central Assistance to States for major/medium irrigation projects in the country, with the goal of speeding up the implementation of advanced stage irrigation projects that had been stalled due to financial constraints.

In addition, the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) was introduced in 2015-16, and the Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Program (AIBP) was incorporated into it. Following that, in consultation with States, ninety-nine (99) on-going Major/Medium irrigation projects and seven phases with a total irrigation potential of 76.03 lakh acre were selected for financing under PMKSY-AIBP in a mission mode during 2016-17.

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