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Kashmir Farmers Join Campaign by Hindustan Insecticide Limited (HIL) and CNRI against Excessive Pesticide Use

HIL and CNRI come together to create a campaign for Kashmir farmers against excessive use of pesticides.

Shipra Singh
Kashmiri apples
Kashmiri apples

The burning problem of modern agriculture is the excessive use of pesticides. It not only impacts crop yield, but also can harm human health when they consume this crop. In the wake of this situation, Hindustan Insecticides Limited (HIL) and the Confederation of NGO of Rural India (CNRI) have come together to start a campaign spreading awareness and education regarding judicious use of pesticides.  

Development of FPO and Knowledge Management Portal  

Secretary General of CNRI Vinod Anand informed the creation of FPO and Knowledge Management Portal in the meeting with the university. According to him, CNRI has decided that the Extension Directorate and HIL will join hands to empower farmers residing in the challenging areas of Kashmir. FPOs will be created for all crops.  

In addition, it has been decided that, once the Knowledge Management Portal is created, success stories of farmers who grow apples, nut crops, saffron, and other crops will be shared.  

Development of Farmer Settlement Center 

CNRI strives to create a conflict free atmosphere in Kashmir for which they plan to create a Kisan Samjhauta Kendra. The organization will start work in this regard in Anantnag from June.  

The Kendra will provide all kinds of help to Kashmir farmers. The objective is to alleviate the difference between farmers and markets.  

The campaign began with 300 farmers in South Kashmir. In a recent meeting with Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science and Technology, both organizations conveyed the message of safe and judicious use of pesticides 

CNRI intends to carry forward this campaign to 50,000 panchayats across 115 districts in the next two months. The organization also intends to create a commodity-wise group that will disseminate advice on plant protection among the valley farmers.

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