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Kashmir’s Mishri Cherry: What’s So Special About This Variety?

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh
Basket full of juicy, sweet cherries

Dubai gets a taste of juicy, fresh, red Mishri Cherries from India, as Kashmir sends its first export consignment to this Middle East country.  

Mishri variety of cherry is famous in Kashmir. This variety is sweeter than other varieties. Kashmir, the state that produces 95% of the total cherry production in India, is in a state of rejoice not only for its bumper cherry crop, but also the government’s efforts to promote cherry exports outside India.  

Kashmir produces 12,000 to 13,000 metric tonnes of cherries annually. The cherry season starts from May and ends in July.  

Specialty of Mishri Cherry 

Mishri cherries are very sweet, hence they are named “mishri.” Apart from this, they are loaded with nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and plant compounds that benefit the overall health. A handful of cherries daily can keep you energetic, glowing, and just happy!  

Kashmir’s other famous cherry varieties 

In addition to mishri variety, Kashmir produces other varieties like Makhmali cherry, Italy Cherry, and Double Cherry.  

This year (2021), Kashmir valley grew around 10-12 cherry varieties. The valley is now gearing up to grow peaches, apricots, apples, almonds, walnuts, and grapes in the coming months.  

How Mishri Cherry export will benefit India? 

Mishri Cherries have been produced in Kashmir valley since decades, but it has come in the limelight due to the fruit being exported for the first time in Dubai. This is a major boost to the horticulture industry of India, which employs around 1.3 billion people and contributes to 15% of the country’s economy. 

The Jammu and Kashmir Horticulture Department has signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with GoAir carrier to transport perishable horticulture produce to various parts of the country and outside.  

This will help to increase income of farmers. The export of cherry comes as “cherry on the cake” for farmers of Kashmir.  

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