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Lack of effort hindering India from being an Avocado power house

With a large army of farmers the Indian agriculture sector has still not been able to crack the Avocado puzzle as the country has to import almost 100% of its demand and serious efforts needs to be made to make India Atma Nirbhar in Avocado.

Saumy Deepak Tripathi

Avocado is a fruit that is native to Central America and has garnered popularity across the world. The top producing countries in the world are Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Peru.

Though there is a demand for the fruit in India according to a report in 2019 there was not a single functioning commercial orchard of avocado in the country. The demand has been always fulfilled by importing it from foreign countries.

As the variety is not indigenous to the Indian subcontinent seeds are used to propagate plants. The seeds are taken from a mature fruit and take about 6-8 months before they are ready for plantation. The problem with the production begins as the indigenous varieties are not able to survive in the country and researchers are still going on varieties that may be better suited to the climate of the country.

The problem has also been the disinterest shown by all the stakeholders like farmers, traders, and research institutes in this regard. Some farmers who have taken up the job complain that though they manage to grow avocado they have to import plants.


The problem has also been that countries like Indonesia which is the fourth-largest producer of the avocado were introduced to the fruit through Spanish explorers in the late 18th century while India had no experience with the fruit till the 20th century.

Our farmers have shown us the grit that they can adopt foreign technologies like hydroponics and there should be no doubt that with the government’s help they can make India a producer of avocado.

Recent data has suggested that India imports 1000 tons of avocados annually, a gap that can be easily filled by local produce if farmers take it on a large scale.

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