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Matsya Vikas Puraskar Yojana: Know Eligibility, Terms of award & When to apply

M Kanika
M Kanika
Matsya Vikas Puraskar Yojana
Matsya Vikas Puraskar Yojana

The Central and the State Governments are running many schemes for the farmers & fish farmers so that the income of farmers can increase. Farmers & fish farmers are getting a lot of benefits from this. But many farmers & fish farmers are still not aware of the beneficial schemes of the government. Due to this they are deprived of getting the benefits of government schemes.

Through this article, we will inform the fish farmers about Matsya Vikas Puraskar scheme, in which anyone can win a prize of 1 lakh rupees. For this the Government of Chhattisgarh has invited the applications. In which, awards will be given to the farmers who have done excellent work in fisheries sector.

Applications have been invited for the same. Interested farmers can apply & give their names for the award.

What is Fisheries Development Award Scheme

The Government of Chhattisgarh is going to give awards to the fisherman, group, institution/organization who have excelled in the field of fisheries in the state. Under this scheme, a fisherman or group, who excels or does something new in the fisheries sector in a financial year, will be awarded Rs 1 lakh. For this, applications have been sought from the fisherman or institution of the state.

Eligibility & Conditions

  • Under this scheme, any fisherman, fish farmers, cooperative institutions & non-government organizations of the state of Chhattisgarh are eligible.

  • The fisherman/institution cannot make more than one application.

  • The fisherman/institution, which have excelled in fisheries between 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021.

  • Fish seed production & promotion (span & standard fish) under the fish development work area, fish production, integrated fish farming (poultry, duck, pig, dairy farming) development of the additional water area for the fisheries. Research work done for the conservation of extinct fish species & prevention of fish diseases, on new research works in the field of fisheries, fishermen who use new methods for increasing productivity of fish, will be rewarded under this scheme.

When to apply for Matysa Vikas Puruskar Scheme

  • Application for Matsya Vikas Puruskar Yojana is currently underway.

  • Application under this scheme has been invited by the state fisheries department.

  • The fishermen of Chhattisgarh can apply for the scheme till 31st August 2021.

How to Apply for Matysa Vikas Puruskar Scheme

  • Fish farmers/ Cooperative institutions/ Non-government organizations doing excellent work in the field of fish development , they can get the application form at the district level from district office of the Department of Fisheries for free before due date.

  • When applying for the scheme, please submit a photo/video of the excellent work of yours in fisheries. Based on which, you will be assessed.

For more information regarding the scheme

Development information for Fisheries Development Award can be obtained by contacting officers of the Fisheries Department posted at the district level, Fisheries inspector at the block level, Assistant Fisheries Officer.

The applicants can submit their district’s Joint Director Fisheries/Deputy Director Fisheries/Assistant Director Fisheries.

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