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Modern Farmer’s Guide: How to Create Online Vegetables Order Delivery Platform in India?

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Online vegetable ordering delivery platforms are developing across the globe and ranked as the highest profitable platform for buying and selling items. Moreover, online delivery platforms are getting huge popularity even in India and the most trending business farmers can think of keeping in mind the current market and demand. Moreover, you can easily create an easy online platform such as a website or mobile app in which all the vegetables available in your store can be easily ordered and distributed from house to house. Or else, you can try these simple techniques to grow an online vegetable platform without app and website.

Guide to Sell Grocery Online – 1

Here is the step by step guide to setup your digital shop.

Intro to start an online grocery Store

As per reports, the online grocery business is expected to grow at a rate of 25-30% per year in the majority of the cities in India and is expected to cross $25 billion by the year 2020. The growth is so rapid that major players such as Ola, Flipkart and Paytm are already investing in this segment. With technology becoming accessible and simpler it is now quite easy to set up an online grocery store. This is especially true with the presence of e-commerce platforms such as Shopnix.

As per reports, most of these online grocery store work on the franchise model. Simply put, it is nothing but collecting orders through one common portal and then assigning the orders for delivery to designated stores. Although it may sound a simple idea to execute, some of the key steps need to be planned well to ensure success with this idea.

This series aims to help you plan to setup a franchise grocery store in India. Lets first understand some of the basic steps involved in setting up a franchise grocery store.

There is no such a deal that you need to start with a franchise model. Even you can start with a single shop and then expand over time.

Steps for setting up a Virtual Shop

  1. Identify/decide coverage area (Target Market)

  2. List known grocers in the area and discuss partnership opportunities

  3. Finalise order collection and delivery modules

  4. Calculate investment, comply with tax regulations, Identifying business opportunities and executing them.

  5. Setup office and hire relevant staff

  6. Set up the online store

  7. Advertise

  8. Coordinate

To Sell Grocery Online You Need To Identify/decide Coverage Area (Target Market)

Since you are planning to start an online grocery business, you need to think like an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur will always look into the market and identify opportunities.

How to Set up an Online Vegetable Delivery Platform?

You can Take the Help of Social Media

Moreover, the most convenient option can be your social media platform like Facebook or what’s app. You can also make use of other internet tools and social media. Create a page for your business on Facebook or build up an audience on Twitter. List your business on Google Maps. Invite your customers to submit reviews on Yelp. As your digital footprint grows, your business becomes easier and easier to find online.

Grow or Buy the Produce

Grow or buy the fruits and vegetables. Local farmers sell their crops in bulk to traders, or you can learn to grow your own and harvest them for sale. Traders usually divide bulk purchases into smaller containers and price the smaller amounts for resale. Investigate what competitors are selling produce for before settling on the right price to charge customers.

Choose How to Sell Your Produce

Choose the ways to sell your produce. Buy a booth at weekly or daily farmers markets or flea markets. Post fliers and business cards on bulletin boards or as newspaper advertisements. Contact restaurants and caterers and sell fresh produce on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. Consistency is important when selling produce.

Establishing a routine that clients can depend on can lead to repeat and long-term buyers. Many farmers markets and restaurant owners allow only organic or pesticide-free products to be sold by producers.

Buy the Right Equipment

 Produce traders usually deliver items to the customer. A large truck, produce boxes and a delivery dolly are necessary items. Delivering fresh produce to restaurants or bulk customers might require a refrigerated delivery truck.

Selling through farmers markets might require the purchase of tables, display bins, scales, portable devices to accept payment and an awning or tent-like structure to protect employees and produce from the sun and elements.

Plan Delivery Methods

Design efficient transportation and delivery routes. Transportation costs might be a high-ticket expense for many fruit and vegetable traders. Delivering produce several times a week instead of daily might help cut back on gas, insurance and vehicle costs.

Build a Delivery Service

Build a produce delivery service. Offer a box of produce for a consistent price on a weekly basis, and market to busy families and singles. For instance, design the contents by choosing two fruits and four vegetables every week and charging a set price, such as $15 per box. Use a website to take orders and list the week's produce contents. Advertise through local school, church and organization bulletins and local newspapers.

Participate in Community Events

Participate in community events. Your business will thrive when you become a local expert or a highly visible merchant by participating in and supporting local events. Conduct short seminars on organic farming, nutrition or the value of “green” living at local libraries, schools or events. Increase visibility by sponsoring local fundraisers for causes you believe in – sponsors usually receive advertising in return.

Get to Know Your Customers

Converse with your customers and get to know them. People buy from traders they feel comfortable with. Talking to your customers builds connection and trust and can increase sales.

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