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Monsoon 2020: Rains to Increase Kharif Crops Acreage; Farmers will Get Bumper Yields

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

Monsoon has arrived in many states of the country and this will help the farmers in sowing of Kharif crops. Farmers have become very active about their fields and many farmers have also started preparations for sowing kharif crops after the knock of monsoon. We all know that monsoon rains are considered beneficial for many vegetable crops, paddy, maize, soybean, Pigeon pea and Urad. To put in Simple words, the kharif crop depends on the monsoon.

When is monsoon more active?

The monsoon is more active during the last days of June. Pre-monsoon occurs in the first week of June before it becomes active and this gives farmers time to prepare their fields.

Modern technique

In modern times, farmers have started plowing with tractors instead of plows and oxen. The farmers are using modern technique and tools for farming and with time the relationship of bullocks to farming is no longer special. Earlier, bulls were used in farming, but in the changing times the use of bulls has reduced considerably. This has been possible due to the pre monsoon. Due to the monsoon rain, it has become easier for the farmers to plow the field. As long as the monsoon is active, the crops are sown till then the rain yields good yield.

Easiest Way to Reduce Diesel Consumption in Tractor

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Paddy, pigeon pea, soyabean and Urad crops will benefit

Many crops are considered predominant during the Kharif season. This includes paddy, pigeon pea, soyabean, Urad, moong (Mung bean) etc. Sowing of these crops lasts from the end of June to July 15. Meanwhile, due to the monsoon rains, crops get good benefits.

Top 5 crops to grow in monsoon

1. Rice.

2. Cotton.

3. Sugercane.

4. Tea.

5. Pulses.

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