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Easiest Way to Reduce Diesel Consumption in Tractor; Farmers Must Read Once

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

 Agricultural machinery has made farming an easy task. Nowadays, our farmers are so much developed that they use tools from the process of sowing to harvesting of crops and tractor has a prominent position in the list. Tractor is an important agricultural machine, through which most agricultural machines can be operated. But nowadays, the price of oil is increasing day by day and due to this the economic cost of the farmers also becomes high.

So it is important that farmers should pay more attention to reducing the consumption of diesel in agricultural machinery used in agriculture. For this, farmers will have to pay special attention on certain points.

Special Ways to Save Diesel in a Tractor

1) Check injector every two months

If black smoke comes out of the engine, it means that diesel is being spent more. This problem can be caused by any type of malfunction in the injector or injection pump. For this, injectors should be checked every 2 months in tractors. If black smoke is still continuously coming out, then it is a sign of extra burden on the engine. In such a situation, keep the burden on the tractors as much as the engine cannot give black smoke. This will also your diesel.

2) Drive the tractor lengthwise

If farmers will run the tractor in length instead of width in the field, then the tractor will take less time to roam on the edges of the field. This will reduce the diesel consumption in the tractor. Drive diesel engines in as many rounds as needed. By running them on more trips, the cost of diesel increases, as well as the possibility of breakdown in the field.

3) There should be equal air movement in the engine

If the engine makes noise when it gets started, it means that the air in the engine is going low. Due to this, the consumption of diesel increases. If such a situation arises, you should start the engine once again and ask your company to provide a guide book with both tractor and engine.

4) Engine oil must be changed

If the engine's mobile oil becomes too old, then its power decreases. Due to this, the cost of diesel also increases. In such a situation, it is important that both the engine oil and the filters should be changed from time to time.

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