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Morocco's Agri Ministry Expects 62% Surge in Cereal Production in 2023

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Agriculture on Friday, Morocco is expected to experience a 62% surge in cereal production in 2023 as compared to the previous year.

Shivam Dwivedi
Morocco's Agri Ministry Expects 62% Surge in Cereal Production in 2023
Morocco's Agri Ministry Expects 62% Surge in Cereal Production in 2023

It is projected, as per the statement, that cereal production will increase to approximately 55.1 million quintals for the 2022/2023 agricultural campaign, compared to 34 million quintals in the preceding campaign.

According to the statement, soft wheat output is expected to account for 29.8 million quintals of total grain production this year, with durum wheat accounting for 11.8 million quintals and barley accounting for 13.5 million quintals.

The ministry anticipates four regions to account for 83% of national production: Fez-Meknes with 27.1%, Rabat-Sale-Kenitra with 26.5%, Grand Casablanca-Settat with 16.9%, and Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima with 12.4%.

Rainfall has also increased significantly from last year, with a total of 207 millimetres, 13% more than the previous year's total of 184 millimetres. Rainfall is still 36% below the country's previous yearly average of 322 millimetres.

Noting the current agricultural campaign's development, the statement says that the early months were characterized by harsh weather conditions, particularly between September and November 2022. These conditions caused a delay in the sowing of autumn crops.

"The favourable conditions, which were relatively better than those that prevailed in 2022, allowed for a good flowering, announcing a predictable return to normal citrus and olive production." The extraordinarily favourable meteorological conditions in the southern Atlas also indicate an earlier campaign than previous year," according to the Ministry.

The cattle sector has improved significantly since last year, thanks in large part to improved weather conditions and the implementation of a programme begun in March 2022 to decrease the impact of drought on producers.

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