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Need for MSP Supported Extensively in Survey by Cvoter

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
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In New Delhi recently in a CVoter snap survey, respondents were asked if they agreed with other farmers' demand for legally guaranteed MSP on food goods like milk, fruits, vegetables, eggs, chicken, and the like. 

CVoter, or the Centre for Voting Opinion and Trends in Election Research, is a Delhi-based worldwide polling organization. According to CVoter India, it has covered 15 federal budgets, over 100 state elections, and over 30 foreign events. Nearly 70% of those polled said they would agree to this requirement if it were presented to them. This hypothetical demand was supported by more than 63 percent of NDA supporters. 

CVoter conducted a quick poll throughout India to see what ordinary Indians thought about farm leaders' demand that Parliament enact a new law guaranteeing the minimum support price. The government now offers MSP for 23 crops (which consist of 7 cereals, 5 pulses, 7 oilseeds and 4 commercial crops) . 

More than 61 per cent of respondents appeared to support the need for legally guaranteed MSP, with only 21% opposing it. This demand was backed by a bigger percentage of opposition voters than NDA voters, as expected. However, more than 54% of NDA supporters backed the demand. Concerns have been expressed concerning the government's capacity to raise the funds and resources necessary to purchase all food grains and horticultural products at legally guaranteed rates. However, the responders did not appear to be concerned about this. The government can afford to pay legally promised MSP for all crops, according to 62.6 percent of respondents. A majority of opposition supporters agreed with this as well. 

MSP stands for Minimum support price. The Minimum Support Price (MSP) is a type of market intervention used by the Government of India to protect agricultural producers against a sudden drop in farm prices. The Government of India announces minimum support prices for specific crops at the start of the growing season based on the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and

Prices (CACP). MSP is a price set by the Government of India to safeguard producers - farmers - from severe price drops during bumper output years. The minimum support prices are a guaranteed price from the government for their produce.   

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