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Need to Create a Global Knowledge Hub for Agricultural Statistics: Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan
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On the concluding day of the 8th International Conference on Agricultural Statistics - 2019 (ICAS-VIII) , Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & Director General (ICAR) accentuated on enhancing capacity building through global partnership. He stressed on the need to have more capacity building in the data interpretation and data analysis than in data collection. The Director General urged the countries for identifying their special strengths and sharing them with others where the deficiencies lie. He opined to create a Global Knowledge Hub for Agricultural Statistics (GKHAS).

Dr. Mohapatra emphasized on working towards global public good. He urged for supporting the evidence-based decision making through data analytics by creating investments in infrastructure and capacity building. He opined for filling-up the data gaps by investments in infrastructure, diversification in agriculture and providing easy market access to the farmers.

He regarded the data as the driver of change. He opined for developing the business models involving government and private sectors. He mentioned that it is important for identifying how data can serve as an important resource not just for farm-related decision support, but (more importantly) the farmer-centric policy making in the developing countries.

Dr. Michael Steiner, ISI CAS and World Bank accentuated that the technology speeds up opportunities, but it poses challenges too. He stressed that the use of technology helps in generating timely and accurate data, but it should not be considered as a complete replacement of surveys.

Jose Rosero Moncayo, Director, Statistics Division, FAO, Rome urged the agricultural statisticians to come together and identify the gaps between the data collection and maintenance. He accentuated on developing statistical standards for food and agricultural statistics.

Gero Carletto, Lead Economist, World Bank, Washington emphasized that the quality and relevance of data is more important than the quantity. He also urged the statisticians to develop strong partnership with the policy researchers in order to generate good agricultural data.

Dr. Rajender Prasad, Co-Organizing Secretary, Organizing Committee, ICAS-VIII outlined that the conference registered a total participation by 500+ Delegates from 100 plus countries. Dr. Prasad mentioned that a total of 288 presentations were made on the various issues and challenges being faced in preparing and maintaining the agricultural statistics. The various suggestions and opinions were also made to ensure the maintenance of prompt and accurate agricultural statistical data.

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