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New Technologies Developed By CIFT - Squalene Powder, Fish Soup Powder, Chitopro, Tunnel Dryer, Table Top Fish Descaling Machine & Fish Freshness Sensor Released

Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary (DARE) & DG (ICAR) along with Dr. J.K. Jena, DDG (Fisheries Science) and Dr. P. Pravin, ADG (Fisheries Science) visited the ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), Cochin. 

In his address, the Director General applauded the work done by CIFT. Dr. Mohapatra emphasized on perfection in work. He applauded the CIFT’s initiatives that helped in providing the visibility to ICAR. Dr. Mohapatra opined for better communication of salient achievements to the stakeholders.  He also urged to prepare brief flyers on all available technologies. 

The Director General opined that the CIFT has sufficient inputs for creating the huge impact among the stakeholders and urged to explore the possibilities of automation, sensor systems, artificial intelligence and block chain technology for creating the value. Dr. Mohapatra also opined to prepare the document on the standards developed by CIFT. 

The Director General released six new technologies developed by CIFT namely - Squalene Powder, Fish Soup Powder, ChitoPro, Tunnel Dryer, Table Top Fish Descaling Machine and Fish Freshness Sensor. 

Dr. Mohapatra inaugurated the newly established National Referral Laboratory along with the Fish Behaviour Laboratory and CIFT Solar Boat II developed at CIFT. 

The occasion also marked the releasing of 3 new mobile apps developed by CIFT namely - CIFT FISHPRO, CIFT LABTEST and CIFTraining during the occasion along with the release of ICAR-CIFT training calendar and 8 other publications. 

Dr. Mohapatra launched the various products developed by Incubates of ICAR-CIFT namely - Cashew Oats Cookies by Smile and Take; Ready to Cook Mussel (Retort) by Foo Foods; Dry fish products by Emma Foods; Dry fish products by Chef n Kitchen Dried fish and Dry fish products by Mr. Fish. 

Dr. J.K. Jena, DDG (Fisheries Science) and Dr. P. Pravin, ADG (Fisheries Science) were also present during the occasion. The DDG (Fisheries Science) lauded the contributions of CIFT and urged for more focus on blue economy and increased collaborative work between the fisheries institutes. 

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