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Pakistan Wastes 4 USD Billion Worth of Food Annually, Reveals New Report

Global food waste is a multifaceted problem that begins with agricultural production and goes all the way to the garbage. Every year, more than 30% of food is lost or squandered. Given the world's vast number of hungry people, this figure is even more startling.

Shivam Dwivedi
Pakistan Wastes 4 USD Billion Worth of Food Annually, Reveals New Report
Pakistan Wastes 4 USD Billion Worth of Food Annually, Reveals New Report

An enlightening article that has been published recently highlights the issue of food wastage in Pakistan. The article sheds light on the fact that Pakistan loses a significant amount of food that is valued at approximately four billion US dollars every year. 

The cause of this wastage is a staggering 26% of the country's total food production, which amounts to 19.6 million tonnes annually. This finding has been revealed by a study conducted by Pakistan's Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

The survey also indicated that most food products are discarded because they do not match the requirements of appearance, size, and colour, despite efforts to maintain food security. The majority of food items are excluded from the supply chain and squandered for a variety of reasons, according to the report.

According to the survey, the majority of food held in kitchens is also squandered yearly after the expiry date. Despite being an agricultural country, Pakistan is experiencing a food shortage, particularly following the recent floods and heavy rain.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had already directed that the Kissan Package be implemented as soon as possible. In Islamabad, he was presiding over a review conference of the government's landmark Kissan Package for agricultural growth.

The prime minister stated that food security in Pakistan must be ensured at all costs. According to ARY News, he stated that the expansion of the agriculture sector is the only way to ensure food security in Pakistan.

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