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PM Modi Advocates for Natural Farming, Calls it the Foundation of Economic Prosperity

PM Modi while virtually addressing a conclave on natural farming stated that natural farming gives India an opportunity to lead the world in the direction of sustainable development and healthy food, by sharing its benefits through thousands of years and knowledge.

Kritika Madhukar
PM Modi: Natural farming is equivalent to honoring Mother Earth by conserving soil quality
PM Modi: Natural farming is equivalent to honoring Mother Earth by conserving soil quality

On July 10th, Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the public movement for natural farming would be widely successful in the future years and that the sooner farmers join this shift, the more benefits they will receive.

Modi also cited the "amazing success" of the Digital India Mission and said it is the country's answer to people who used to believe that bringing about change in villages is difficult. He was speaking via video conference at a conclave on natural farming in Gujarat's Surat city.

Natural farming, he says, is equivalent to honoring Mother Earth by conserving soil quality and production, and it is also the "foundation for economic success." He praised Surat's efforts in this area, saying the natural agricultural model developing from Surat may serve as a model for the entire country.

"This broad movement for ecological farming will be extensively successful in the coming years as well. The sooner farmers embrace the shift, the more likely they will be to reap its benefits "He stated.

The Prime Minister stated that if the people of the country become committed to attaining a goal, no obstacle will stand in their way. He claims that involvement secures the achievement of even the most difficult endeavor.

"This is one area where India has led the world for centuries. Therefore, now is the time when we move forward on the path of natural farming and take full advantage of the emerging global opportunities," he said. Natural farming is also the basis for economic success, Modi said.

"As our farmers progress and prosper, as our agriculture progresses, so will our country progress...When you adopt natural farming, you serve Mother Earth and protect the quality of soil and its productivity. 

When you do natural farming, you are serving the nature and environment. When you join natural farming, you also get the privilege of serving Gaumata (holy cow)," he said.

Following 75 years of independence, India has begun working on many such goals, which will serve as the foundation for big changes in the future, he added. "In 'Amrit Kaal,' the spirit of everyone's labor, which is guiding our growth path, is the foundation of the country's progress," he continued.

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