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Request Authorities to Support Industry by Opening Markets to Buy Produce from Farmers: Amit Saraogi, MD, Anmol Feeds

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

As a part of the essential commodities sector we at Anmol Feeds, appreciate the Government’s decision to allow select activities to be functional from 20th April 2020 with adequate safety measures to reboot the economy of the country and to mitigate the hardship of the public sector at large. We applaud the positive measures taken by both the Central as well as the respective State Governments to ease the logjam in the logistics sector. Along with the Government, as joint stakeholders in ensuring the food & nutrition security of the country, we would request the authorities to further ease the impasse.  

While we welcome the Government’s decision to extend the lockdown till the 3rd of May as a precautionary measure to contain the spread of coronavirus, however, in view of the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, dated 15th April 2020, we have certain observations that we would like to highlight.  

Though the Government has exempted operation of fisheries and aquaculture industries along with movement of fish, shrimp and fish products, we would request the authorities to support the industry further by opening markets , shops, so that people can buy the produce from farmers. Currently, shops are closed and/or are not allowed to be operational by local authorities in many parts of the country. The same goes for the poultry sector as well. The opening and seamless operations of Solvent companies supplying raw material like MDOC/DORB / Maize gluten, Rice Bran Oil etc is also essential. These companies are unable to supply raw material to feed manufacturers. 

These companies would previously allow feed manufacturers up to 2 months of credit which is no longer permitted. This has forced feed manufacturing companies to buy these raw materials in cash. As a result, feed makers are unable to allow credit to farmers who are already reeling under enormous losses due to the pandemic. Regular supply and availability of Soya and Maize for feed production should also be ensured. Smooth availability and transport (inter/intra state) of fish and poultry products, input supplies for sale across city and state limits should be made certain. Consistent supply of BoPP and HDPE bags from packaging plants to feed companies should also be made sure. 

Since their foray into the livestock feed industry nearly two decades back, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd. has been focused on high quality livestock feed since the start of their journey, steadily expanding its production capabilities and helping farmers yield high returns. At present, Anmol Feeds has eight successfully running state-of-the-art superior manufacturing plants across six states- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand and Haryana. With a cumulative production capacity of 1300 MT per day, the pioneers of pellet feed for Indian farmers, Anmol Feeds, has been catering to the livestock feed requirements of 20 states across India working with more than 50,000 farmer families and 1,000 employees. The Rs 530 crore company launched its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture last year to meet the growing challenge of quality feeds in the market and introduced their floating fish and shrimp feed into the market. 

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