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Right Application of Fertilizers is Essential to Get Healthy Food

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

There are general agreements among researchers and policy makers for increasing the use of fertilizers, improved soil fertility management practices and improved seeds and technology to control the growth of productivity in fields. However, socio-economic factors seem to be important in achieving sustainability in agriculture since the agricultural disciplines are the intersection of natural, physical and social conditions to achieve sustainability. 

Modern agriculture has had many achievements in increasing production, productivity of resources and improving the living standards.

Experts believe that agriculture has had a key role in welfare and food security of communities However, environment pressures were exerted due to excessive reliance on external inputs, especially fertilizers and increasing use of water and soil.

In fact, in recent decades, modern agricultural systems have been severely criticized due to these concerns. 

Structural transformation paradigm focuses on the role of agricultural productivity growth on rural poverty reduction, cognitive changes in demographic and economic development. 

The Agriculture earns social value and its main concern is to produce safe and healthy food for everyone. Sustainable agriculture is a way to deal with environmental pollution, reduction of biodiversity, etc. 

High crop yields often come under scrutiny because of the fertilizer levels needed to produce such yields and because of the perception and reality of the potential environmental impacts of those inputs. Yet, maintaining food production for the growing world population requires using new technology and intensifying production and management to grow more food on current cropland. Fertilizer is essential for accomplishing this.

Misuse of agricultural fertilizers have undoubtedly occurred, and its impact on the environment needs to be minimized. But it’s important to remember to compare the risk of fertilizer application with the benefits for food production.

The time has come to dispel misconceptions and myths about fertilizers and nutrients, and to convey a correct message to a world that’s becoming increasingly urbanized and removed from what agricultural production is all about – providing healthy food.

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