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This New Wheat Variety Contains High Iron Content & Can Fight against Foliar Fungal Diseases

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Karan Vandana -DBW 187

With the changing time, people are adopting new techniques and technology in every aspect of life including the agriculture sector. Various researches in agriculture have been conducted which resulted in many new inventions. In this sequence, a new variety of wheat has been developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Karnal. This wheat has been named 'Karan Vandana' which is believed to give higher yield; it will also help in giving more profits to the farmers. At the same time, in its cultivation, farmers will have fewer labor requirements than before.

Explaining about this variety of wheat, the report says that it can be easily used for farming in the north-eastern and northern region states. It is also reported that 'Karan Vandana' is capable of producing high yields along with fighting disease called 'Blast'. For its cultivation, soil and water vapor of states like Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, and Assam are suitable. Experts said that while other varieties produce an average yield of 55 quintals per hectare, 'Karan Vandana' is capable of yielding more than 64.70 quintals per hectare.

Special Features of Karan Vandana -DBW 187

  • High average yield (48.8q per ha), yield potential (64.7q per ha)

  • Good grain protein content (11.4%) & excellent quality of protein with a perfect Glu score of 10.

  • High sedimentation value of 63.5cc is indicative of its strong gluten

  • High iron content (43.1 ppm).

  • High levels of resistance to foliar diseases

  • Flowers in 77 days & mature in 120 days under irrigated & timely sown conditions of NEPZ

Karan Vandana -DBW 187

Important minerals are present in this wheat:

Experts believe that this new variety of wheat ("Karan Vandana" -DBW 187) is capable of fighting diseases and can withstand in the harsh weather. Apart from this, it also contains important minerals like protein, zinc, iron and many more. Experts claim that this variety can easily fight against 'Blast' disease. Apart from this, the outer layer of the crop can be removed in 77 days after sowing the seeds.

Wheat - An Important crop of India:

Wheat is one of the major crops in India and helps in solving huge food problems in a large area. But Wheat is most prone to damage by pests. Due to pests, its production capacity is reduced or sometimes even completely destroyed.

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