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Vertical Farm opens in Dubai

The GCC’s first commercial verticalfarm, Basia Farms, was opened inDubai featuring the latest hydroponictechnology and vertical farming techniques.

The farm was inaugurated by Thani AhmadAl Zeyoudi, Minister of Climate Change andEnvironment.The farm began production inDecember 2017 with plans to pioneer the region’s“green revolution” with innovative agritechmethods that optimise growing conditionswithin a controlled indoor environment.

Using the latest hydroponic technology andvertical farming techniques, the farm producesnutritious and pesticide-free leafy greenswithout the need for sunlight, soil or chemicals.

The farm produces an extensive rangeof lettuces, micro-greens, baby leaf herb varieties,which add complex flavours to salads,main dishes, sandwiches and soups. The micro-greens, including arugula, kale, radish,red cabbage, basils and mustard are packedwith antioxidants and are rich in nutrients.

The eco-system created by Badia Farms uses90 per cent less water than open field farmingand recycles the water it uses. The farm alsocombats the carbon footprint of food importsthat typically travel an average of 4,800 kilometresto reach restaurants in Dubai.

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