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Whitefly Attack Deteriorates Palm & Coconut Plantation in Telangana

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

After the deadly locust attack in North Indian states, another pest attack is making it difficult for farmers and this time in the southern regions. A serious whitefly attack has infested thousands of acres of palm and coconut plantations in regions of Telangana. In Telangana's Bhadradri Kothagudem district, the whitefly attack is leaving farmers in worries.  

According to a report, 50,000 acres of palm oil plantations and 2,000 acres of coconut plantations in the district have been affected because of these pests. According to reports, these pests have spread to Khammam district, which is just nearby. In Khammam, around 30,000 acres of palm and 4,000 acres of coconut plantations are affected by these pests.  

To solve this issue, many officials are trying to search for solutions. Officials have studied these pests and have found out that these pests are largely found in the United States, Mexico, and Belize. As they are not native and will not be able to survive the weather conditions in India, it is believed that these pests will not survive more.

Other officials are also looking for solutions to fight this attack. Many have suggested farmers to use neem oil on plants to keep these pests at bay.  

These pests largely resemble pure white moths and are quite tiny in size. They usually hide the underside of the leaves and are unable to spot. They reproduce quite fast and that's why they can be difficult to remove. these insects feed on the sap from the surface of coconut and palm leaves.

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