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Why Farmers are showing interest in Bio capsule fertilizers? Here’s all you need to know

Prity Barman
Prity Barman

Scientist from Indian Institute of Spice Research has developed Bio-capsule, a brand new form of biofertilizer using the encapsulation technology which has gained utmost popularity among the farmers of India during the lockdown.

This new formulation of bio-capsule was developed by the ex-director of IISR M. Anandaraj and his team of another scientist. It is made by combining the microorganisms such as Trichoderma, Bacillus, and Pseudomonas together. The new form of capsule tech helps the fertilizer to be stored, transported, and used in a more easy way

The director of IISR Santosh J. Eapen has said that the new revolutionary technique would ensure the successful delivery of the microbes and other biological factors properly to the plants and crops.

According to the IISR team, the most attractive property of the bio-capsule is that a single capsule can be diluted with approx 100-200 L of water for the application purpose as required by the farmers. As 1 capsule of the biofertilizer is only 1 gm, so a huge amount of space would be reduced by using it for example for every 4 tonnes of the regular fertilizers farmers would only require 4 kg of bio-capsules.

IISR has released an announcement saying that the sales of the bio-capsules have increased especially during lockdown from an estimated 4,000 capsules in just a month of May to around 6,000 capsules were sold in between the months of  May to August. This huge sale hike has made the bio-capsule touch other heights in the market of fertilizers.

The IISR claims that the reason for such a good sale is that most of the young generation have started involving in organic farming during lockdown along with the regular farmers who have been practicing organic farming a lot in the recent months.

Farmers from states like Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu were the major areas where the capsules have been sold during the lockdown. Apart from these other northern states have also started using bio-capsules.

The urban people have started using these bio-capsules too in order to explore the character of the capsule-like the non-deposition of any kind of harmful residual. This property is also one of the other reasons why farmers have started using these bio-capsules.

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