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Why Oyster Farming is Becoming Popular in Bihar

For the past 3-4 years, oyster mushroom growing has become more popular in Katihar area.

Chintu Das
Mushroom Farming
Mushroom Farming

For the last 3-4 years, oyster mushroom growing has become more popular in the Katihar district of Bihar.

“When compared to milky white and button mushrooms, oyster mushroom cultivation has a shorter gestation time and lower key input costs. In 20 to 25 days, oyster mushrooms are ready to be harvested. Oyster mushrooms cost Rs 200 per kg, milky white mushrooms cost Rs 300 per kg, and button mushrooms cost Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg,”said Reeta Singh, senior scientist and chairman of Katihar Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK).

Button mushroom farming is difficult in terms of technology. It also takes time and costs more in terms of input,” she added.

“Mushroom cultivation is also beneficial to landless people, as well as residue crop management and environmental protection. The burning of crop residues such as maize, wheat, and paddy pollutes the environment. However, stubbles are utilized in mushroom growing,” according to the KVK head.

In Katihar, at least 1,000 households and self-help groups have been involved in the commercial cultivation of all three types of mushroom.

Landless and needy individuals are coming forward to learn about mushroom growing, according to Reeta, because it does not require land. “The KVK, Katihar, is a ‘biotech kisan center,' where farmers from Araria, Purnia, and Khagaria districts get advice on essential input prices, seeds, and straws for mushroom production,” she explained.

“In the vegetarian category, soybean has the highest protein level of 42 percent, followed by mushroom (35-40 percent protein). Diabetic, blood pressure, and arthritis sufferers should consume mushrooms, according to doctors. Mushrooms have a finite shelf life. As a result, pickles, morabba (sweets), fortification of baby food, as well as its powder form, are blended with soup and chapatis to make the diet healthier and more energy-giving,” she said.

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