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Zimbabwe Launches Three Hybried Seeds

Recently in Zimbabwe, the new cotton hybrid seeds produced by Quton Seed Company and Indian Agricultural Firm Mahyco launched to revive the cotton sector which was badly affectedby high production costs and low prices. The hybrids are Mahyco C 571, Mahyco C 567, and Mahyco C 608. Despite cotton being one of the major foreign currency earners in the country,its production had been reduced in the pastdue to high production costs and low producer prices paid by ginners. This forced most farmers to abandon the crop and move to tobacco and maize, which fetch more on the market.

Zimbabwe Government says it is committed to reviving the cotton sector, which had been negatively affected by high production costs and low prices.

The Government has indicated willingness to offer competitive prices to farmers to ensure viability as this year Government is expecting a huge jump in cotton production. The launch of the new cotton hybrids indicates Quinton’s new partnership with its major investor Mahyco.

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