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10 Most Expensive Flowers in the World

M Kanika
M Kanika
Gold of Kinabalu Orchid
Gold of Kinabalu Orchid

The most intricate gift that nature has given us is plants and these plants give us beautiful flowers. These flowers are the most beautiful structure on the plant surface and play an important role in the plant’s reproduction. Humans are fascinated with their appearance, color, fragrance, beauty, and the feel that flower gives us since ancient times. Flowers are considered as the symbol of love, symbol of holiness and a good omen.  

Nowadays people earning lots of money through dried flower business.

Flowers can be used in many different ways 

  • We can arrange fresh flowers in bouquets to enjoy their beauty and fragrance. 

  • We can plant them in gardens, and the presence of blood adds the natural beauty to the garden, which attracts the birds, cattle and even humans.  

  • We can also dry the flowers, and keep it for the long-lasting decoration, or else we can use them to create an artistic design or to make a craft.

  • We can use flowers to make dyes.

  • Many flowers have medicinal properties, which has been used since the ancient times. Some flowers are used to cure sore or inflamed throat, to cure cough or diarrhea, to treat tension, anxiety, headache, and other pains.

  • There are many such flowers, which produces nectar, which attracts the bees and those bees distribute the flower pollen, and in return they use this nectar to produce honey. 

  • Most of the flower’s petals, or sepals are used to extract the essential oil or fragrance from this, and later it is used to make perfume and scents. 

Costliest Flowers in the world

Here are 10 flowers, which are considered to be the most expensive ones; 

Gold of Kinabalu Orchid 

This beautifully exceptional flower is very hard to find and the only place where we can find them is in the National Kinabalu Park, Malaysia. It has rare green color petals, with red dot and it is considered to be the worth of its price, which is $6,000 per piece. 

Tulip Bulb 

This beautiful tulip plant is from the Holland, its flowers have a wide selection of vibrant pink, yellow and red, also these are the most colorful than any types of the tulip. It was sold for $5,700 in the 17th century. 

Juliet Rose 

This is most valuable flower, which could be sold. This flower was showcased in 2006 & made by David Austin. It took him lot of patience and hard work for about 15 years for his efforts to finally paid off and its price is $15.8 million. 

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Juliet Rose

Kadapul Flower 

The rarest and most exceptional flower which only blooms for few hours and that too during night time. This flower is a species of cactus and it cannot be sold or harvested. The Kadapul flower is considered to be the dearest one with priceless value.  

Lily of the Valley 

This is the most beautiful white flowers that one can ever see, people who are fond of white flowers this Lily of the valley is the one for them. But this flower is poisonous and have a rare shape. Lily of the valley requires to be harvested immediately for it to have a longer life span. It is sold for $15 to $50 per bundle. 

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid 

To nurture this plant, it took around 8 years for the researchers and another 5 years for it to bloom. They make it so costly because of their hardship & long wait to have this flower. This is the precious flower; it has a light scent and is edible. It sold for $200,000.

Saffron Crocus 

This is the most highly priced spice in the world. From 80,000 saffron crocus flowers we can only make 500grams of this saffron, and this is what makes it the rarest flower. Saffron crocus is known for its attractive purple petals. The saffron crocus is cultivated easily in the tropical countries. It is sold from $1,200 to $1,500 per pound.

saffron crocus
Saffron Crocus


This is the most elegant flower as it has the combination of yellow, red and orange on its petals and is in striking shape. It is sold for $6-$10 per flower. 


It is an exquisite collection of white to blue, blue to violet or purple flowers, which lasts for a few weeks, thus it is used as a perfect ornament in your home and has a wide range, from Lisianthus flower to Lisianthus lavender, and this allows you to have many varieties to choose from. It is sold for $10 – $35 per bundle. 


Hydrangea is one the most beautiful flower and has wide range of colors that you can choose from such as sky blue, violet and white because of its exquisite beauty. This flower is used for the decoration purpose in many wedding and other parties.  

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